Friday, May 4, 2012

Favorite Flickr Friday

Hi guys, Dana here.  This week's flickr fave comes to us from Alison who seems to be new to our flickr group.  Everyone, welcome Alison.

I kind of want to marry this quilt.  Or at least take a nap with it.  I am having a hard time remembering the fabric line, but I think it's by Birch Organics.  I've googled, but not successfully.  The soft, cool colors of this quilt lend so perfectly to the layout of strips of different widths.  It looks about baby sized, and I think I would only like this quilt more if it had a chubby baby on it.

Alison, now that we've featured you, you have to come to a meeting!!


  1. Hi!!! This is Alison and I'm so excited you guys like my quilt! I'm definitely in love with the color combo right now - gray and turquoise. The fabrics are a mish-mash of different things from my stash - basic dots, some stuff from Birch Organics, Get Together from Free Spirit, and even one from Ikea.

    And you're right - I'm new to the Flickr group, but not to the guild. But it's been probably a year and a half since I've been to a meeting so I doubt anyone remembers me. But my crazy life is starting to calm down a bit so I really hope to come to a meeting very soon!

  2. Love the quilts--so happy you are posting to the group. I remember an Ali- hope to see you this summer :)