Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Flickr Wednesday

dog star

 Dog Star from Lynne at Tinking Along. Isn't it awesome?  Paper pieced? Or just mad piecing skills? 


  1. Gorgeous! I love the colors, the patterns the piecing....

  2. It's lovely! Also, I saw mention on here a few posts ago about the Adams Morgan spot "Bits of Thread Sewing Studio." I'm not nearly qualified to be a part of any quilting guilds, but I'm excited to take this Intro to Quilting class they offer and see if I can get my skills up. Also, for more advanced quilters, I wanted to add that the class description for the Intro class says, "This first class is a pilot to test interest, but we hope to add more classes soon after on how to use color, more complex piecing and quilting techniques, and graduating to bigger projects such as wall hangings, baby quilts and lap quilts in a variety of patterns."

    So tell a friend who is new to quilting to sign up for this class, I guess! :-)

    -Kate (total newb sewer/quilter and not at all affiliated with the shop)