Friday, August 10, 2012

DC Modern Blog Button & Flickr Friday Favorite

Add the DC Modern Blog Button to your blog! Just copy and paste the html below.

<a href=""_blank”><img src="*QQh0JfqjoSWhOVmvqbd3tnOAoEANDIO8-01TeSMt5Cl5czuElPvuKFvZgPuhkJc/dc_mqg_square.jpg”style=" border:none;” /></a>

Thanks to Insung at Namoo Handmade (and congrats on your new baby!) for designing our button for us (a few years ago...)!

First Modern Quilt!

This week's Flickr Favorite from the DC Modern Flickr Pool is "First Modern Quilt" by Aubrie who blogs at Teach N Craft.  Aubrie just moved to the area, and we look forward to seeing her at an upcoming DC Modern meeting.


  1. Hi everyone! I can't wait to meet you (hopefully at next Saturday's meeting)! I'm honored to the Flickr fave. I also love the new button! Katie asked me to share some more info, so here goes:
    I made the quilt for a dear friend that was my mentor the year I started teaching. She picked the pattern from Block Party and helped me pick out fabric. The colors were all her favorites. My mom saw me arranging finished blocks and suggested I try many arrangements and pick a favorite. I ended up loving the off-center block of color. The cover of Quilting Modern was my inspiration for the bubble/pebble quilting. I'm so happy with how it turned out--it's only my third finish ever! I could not have done it without all the collaboration and help from my old store in SC, Viking Says Sew and Quilt.

  2. I tried pasting the "url" into a blogger add your own gadget and it keeps telling me the button has illegal characters. Am I doing it wrong? Is there a mistake in the link?

    1. hm. it worked for me. let me double check...

    2. Thanks my partner looked up a youtube how to and we got into the right gadget for this html code and voila it's in place now. Sorry for the worry; your code worked fine when I put it in the right place! :-)