Friday, August 3, 2012

Do you Blog? & Flickr Friday Favorites

Quilt 42 - Etsy 1e

Love this quilt by Alison.   I believe its a version of a quilt from Elizabeth Hartman's first book.  Click on the photo for more info--and Alison, we would love to hear more about the quilt!

Do you blog? Leave your blog address in the comments (along with the city or general area that you live in, please) and I'll add them to the sidebar. 

Finally, DC Modern is also on twitter. Tweet us so we will know who you are!


  1. I blog at
    My name is Jamie Lee and I live in California, MD. I will be at the Sept 15 meeting and I'd love to meet up on a field trip to Material Girls in LaPlata.

  2. Hi!! Glad you guys like my quilt! It IS a version of the kitchen window quilt from Elizabeth Hartmans' first book. The fabrics are a mixture of teals, greys, oranges, creams, and yellows - many from birch organics and several featuring cute bicycle prints. I loved making this quilt and love how it turned out.

    And I just went to Material Girls to check it out last weekend and it has a TON of modern fabrics. Best selection I've seen so far in the DC area since the Artful Quilter closed. See you at the August meeting!

  3. Such a great quilt Alison!

    I do blog (but need to post more often) at

  4. Hi! I blog at . My name is Alex and I live in Alexandria, VA. I'm excited to attend the Sept 15 meeting too ! I have no idea where material girls is but I am totally up for going there - the only place to buy fabric near me is a failing JoAnns

  5. I am Linda Fasules and I blog at I live in Chevy Chase DC.
    Are we going to be jelly roll racing at the August meeting?

  6. I blog about everything and sometimes about my labor intensive quilting. I am working hard on finishing up the top to my first English paper pieced quilt in the rose star pattern inspired by and tutored by a "block party" on
    I live in Brookland NE near the Turkey Thicket Recreation Center.

  7. Hi,
    I blog very sporadically at and live in Bowie, Maryland. Hoping to catch the blog up with all the quilting I've been doing lately! And looking forward to seeing folks soon!

  8. I blog everyday! Right now have my trip to South Africa to teach on my blog

  9. Great job Allison. I live in Gainesville, VA. My blog address is just click on the blog link after registering.

    I blog about my projects, share pics, comment about the latest and greatest in the quilting world and I try to blog about 3-4 times a week. But this is brand new blog, I am transferring everything over from Blogger and working on having everything all in one spot. Eileen

  10. I'm Erin (Tenley/Chevy Chase, DC) and I don't blog, but I was wondering if anyone saw the article in City Paper about DC's lack of a fabric store, despite the craft scene here, and the store Bits of Thread and Scrap DC opened to offer salvaged/recycled/upcycled fabrics. I thought it was something in which folks might be interested.

  11. Hi, I'm Melanie in Alexandria, VA and I have a very neglected blog I hope to change that soon.

    Sadly, I won't be at the August meeting as I was at Capital Quilts today. That's a long trip twice in a week! I do look forward to seeing everyone in September!

    By the way, beautiful quilt Allison!

  12. not sure if I count, but i'll be back oct 2013 ;-) Can I be a DC-Modern-Quilt-Guild-Member-at-large? Or your overseas correspondent?

    1. Of course you can!And you are the resident photographer of far away beautiful and magical places while you are away. :)

  13. Hi everyone, I'm Tanesha, living in Germantown, MD and I blog and also have a podcast.

  14. Hello!

    I'm Aubrie and I just moved to Alexandria, VA. I hope to come to a meeting very soon!

    I blog at:

    It started as a blog about knitting (my other crafty passion) but is FULL of quilting now!

  15. Hi! I am Lynne from Rockville, MD. I blog at and plan to be at the August meeting.

  16. I live in Olney. I just started sewing a few months ago (blogging about it at: but I've been blogging memoir-style for years ( I'd love to get involved with this group but I can't do Saturdays :(
    Oh! And I'm on Twitter - @noteverstill .

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  18. Hey there,
    It was such a treat to meet everyone at the last meeting.
    I blog at
    See you next time!