Sunday, September 16, 2012

Quilt Con Block Quilt: Any Interest?

[photo from the Modern Quilt Guild website]

First Row (left to right):
Beth S. of the Orlando MQGDani Miller of the Roanoke MQG

Second Row:

Third Row (left to right):
Rebecca Roach of the Austin MQGKaren Alexander of the Austin MQG (Block adapted from the book Creature Comforts by Barbara Brackman and Marie Shirer.)Rebecca Williams of the Dallas MQG

[Katie: I pulled this from the DC Modern Flickr Group and re-posted here]

Yesterday Elle asked if anyone would be interested in participating in the Modern Quilt Guild's project to make quilts for the Austin Children's Shelter. Modern Quilt Guilds can volunteer to receive some of the blocks entered into the QuiltCon Block Challenge and add some of there own to make a twin size quilt for the shelter. We were thinking if 4 or 5 of us wanted to participate, we could divide up the work and put a quilt together.

Is anyone interested? If so, leave a comment on this post. Also, I heard several people concerned about how this would be quilted. If you would feel comfortable/volunteer to quilt a twin size let us know in the comments as well.

Text from the MQG Website:

As a way of giving something back to QuiltCon’s host city of Austin, Texas, we’re going to use the blocks that aren’t selected for the raffle quilt to make quilts for each of the 46 beds at the Austin Children’s Shelter. This will be MQG’s first large-scale charity project and we look forward to both using the many beautiful blocks we received for the challenge and getting as many guilds as possible involved in the process! Participating guilds will receive a package of 7 or more blocks (much like the groups of blocks being shown in these blog posts) to expand into a 68″ X 88″ Twin bed quilt. This can be accomplished by adding blocks, adding negative space, or some combination of the two. The quilts will need to be machine quilted, bound, washed, and shipped to Austin in advance of QuiltCon. MQG will also be interested in hearing about each guild’s process and will feature the completed quilts in a series of blog posts in Spring 2013.

If your guild is interested in this project, please e-mail to let us know.


  1. Thanks for posting here as well!

    1. You are welcome. I think the blog gets more traffic.

  2. I'm interested (of course), and I'd be willing to volunteer to make, apply, and hand-stitch the binding. I could do straight-line quilting on a portion of it, if we want to divide it into sections, but I haven't practiced free motion quilting enough to feel comfortable using it on something important like this (and I'd be much happier to help with piecing front/back). Also, I have a large role of Warm & Natural batting that I purchased specifically for using in charity quilts. I think it is 45" wide, and I'm happy to donate the appropriate amount to the cause.

    I think we'd be getting 7 blocks that are 12.5" tall by any width that someone wanted to use. Since that's probably not enough blocks for the quilt, another option for folks who want to participate but want a smaller task would be to make an additional block that goes with the theme once we see what blocks we receive.

    Another option would be to donate any of the following Kona colors from your stash to the cause: Cyan, Azure, Candy Green, Lime, Chartreuse, Buttercup, School Bus, Tangerine, White, Medium Grey, and Coal. From Michael Miller's Couture Cotton Solids, the "recommended colors" are Turquoise, Aqua, Luna, Apple, Limeade, Starfruit, Orange, Clementine, Bright White, Fog, and Gray. More information on colors is here:

    I'm pretty sure that I have some Kona Cheddar, Tangerine, Chartreuse, White, Medium Gray, and Coal in my stash, as well as a few prints that might work nicely.

  3. I wouldn't mind making extra blocks and/or helping to assemble the top.. I'm no machine quilter, though, so someone else would have to want to do that.
    I had already pulled some cheddar/aqua/grey/white fabrics that I wanted to use to enter the challenge but I never got my $#%! together and did it- so it looks like I got a second chance to make the blocks!

  4. If y'all approve, I'll volunteer to quilt it! Everyone's been really supportive of my FMQ, and I can always use more practice. I hope I'm up for the challenge!

    1. Your FMQ is gorgeous! That sounds excellent!

  5. Hi y'all,
    I signed us up, and I'll let everyone know as soon as I get the blocks in the mail! Very exciting - thanks for the interest!