Thursday, October 18, 2012

DC Modern Quilt Fun--Last Saturday & This Saturday, Too!

Thank you to Heather for writing this post and for the great pictures!

Last Saturday, a small but enthusiastic group of DC Modern quilters met at the National Gallery’s Sculpture Garden to do some show and tell and handwork.
From top left, clockwise: Detail of Fredrick’s Dresden quilt, detail of Fredrick’s Rose Star quilt, Fredrick and his Williamsburg-inspired quilt, Elle and her improvised baby quilt, Alex’s 100 Quilts for Kids quilt (one of her first ever!), Jess and her chevron quilt, Elle’s 100 Quilts for Kids quilt top, and one of Heather's 100 Quilts for Kids quilts made from bee blocks.
Even though there were only five of us, the show and tell alone lasted almost an hour! We were ooing and ahhing over Elle’s prolific quilt top collection, and amazed by Fredrick’s English paper-pieced Rose Star quilt! We even drew an audience of tourists and US Park Police (because he was interested, not because we were breaking the law).

After the show and tell, we settled into some handwork of English paper piecing and quilt binding.

All and all a successful morning! Can’t wait until next month (or this Saturday if you are coming to the sewing day at Material Girls).


  1. Wow I would love to see that Rose Star quilt, Fredrick. Maybe it can make a reprise appearance this Saturday if you are coming to Material Girls!

  2. have fun tomorrow! I was planning to end my rather long hiatus but some family stuff has come up. Next month?

  3. Jamie, I couldn't muster the drive to Material Girls today but I would be happy to show the Rose Star again. I am trying to hand quilt the monster and it is proving to be difficult work. Hope to see you all another time.