Sunday, October 21, 2012

Donation Quilts & Housekeeping Items

Just wanted to do a quick housekeeping/information post. Please feel free to respond in the comments, or remind me of things I have forgotten.

100 Quilts Donations
Our donation for 100 Quilts this year was organized by Lexi. We are donating to the Capitol Hill Pregnancy Center, but have not done so yet. I apologize that I (Katie) wasn't there to pick up your quilts yesterday. My son got sick and my husband threw out his back, all before 9am yesterday.  If you have a quilt you would like to donate as a group, we can do one of 3 things: 1. Mail the quilt to Lexi (contact info on her blog in the sidebar--Tea and Crumpets). 2. Bring the quilt to the Jay McCarroll event in November. 3. Donate on your own. Thanks, everyone! Please contact Lexi if you have any questions.

Jay McCarroll Event 
Jay McCarroll event in November. We haven't had as many people sign up as we had hoped. Please tell/invite your friends, and sign up yourself! This will be our guild meeting in November. 

Sewing Saturdays in November and December
That being said, if there is interest in a Sewing Saturday in November and/or December and someone would like to organize it, please volunteer and go for it! We are still able to sew at the Arlington (Westover) Library this year one time... 

2013 Elections
Speaking of volunteering, we will be having elections in 2013. The way I understand it, we need an Elections Chair to oversee the elections, someone who is not planning to run.  I need to do more research on exactly how the process works, but save the date! 

Saturday, January 12
Teaism in Penn Quarter (DC)

We have By-Laws that were written earlier this year that need to be reviewed by members and approved. Please consider volunteering for something (technically, nominate yourself to be elected!)  Here are the spots that are open (everything!)

Vice President

If those get filled, there are additional committee chairs that would be fun:
Swap Chair
Charity Event Chair
Special Events Chair

If you would like to volunteer, please send an email to dcmodquilts at gmail dot com and I'll compile a list!  I think that's it for now....


  1. I'm interested in a November sewing day. If I put us on the calendar for the 24th (the Saturday of Thanksgiving weekend) would anyone else come? Other dates available are Nov 3 and 10. Anyone?

  2. I could do the Saturday after Thanksgiving. Or maybe December 1st to avoid Thanksgiving and before we get too close to holidays?

  3. I filled out an application for the 8th of December. the 1st is booked. We have the Jay McCarroll event on the 11th, so I'd rather not book the 10th. I can't come in November, but don't let that stop anyone!

  4. Ha! My due date is Dec 8, so I may or may not make it. If I do, I'm sure I'll be glad to have the distraction!