Friday, October 5, 2012

Flickr Friday Favorites: oooooh the quilting

Have you seen this quilt by Katie?  Seriously, look at it:

Yeah, great pattern, super scrappiness, and THE QUILTING.  THE QUILTING IS KNOCKING MY SOCKS OFF.

Apparently Katie has a secret friend with a long-arm.  Anyone with me in cornering her at the next DC Modern meeting and making her share her source?  I'm not kidding.

Anyway, I hope you have all checked out this post about some pretty sweet events coming up this month.  See you all there!


  1. dana, you are too nice! I made this quilt for my friend Danelle. Danelle has a good friend who has a long arm--she let me use it just this once as a favor to Danelle. I am still at a loss of somewhere local to go... although Capital Quilts is said to be getting a long arm and bonnie's sewing and fabric in Alexandria is supposed to start letting people rent time on theirs soon... Elle has 2 more leads on machine. One is a long arm and one is a mid arm.

  2. Hi - Do you have any new ideas on places/people who do longarm quilting? I'm new to the area, and am looking to get a few quilts done. Thanks!

    1. A few of our members use Cindy Luby, and I hear they really like her- her phone # is 703-328-0593
      One of our new members, Sue Bentley, has a longarm business as well. Her website: