Friday, October 26, 2012

Friday Flickr Favorite: I'm in love

I am mostly speechless here:

This quilt is by Leah, and the photo was taken by Jessie.  I'm thinking it was taken at the DC Modern sewing event at Material Girls this past weekend.

Leah, please post in the comments and tell me more.  I am in love with the rainbow, the fabric choices, and the HAND QUILTING.  It's breathtaking.

I hope you all have a great weekend and make sure you get some projects set aside to sew your way through this Frankenstorm!!  I, for one, will be going out to my mom's to unpack some moving boxes in hopes of finding a coat...and maybe I'll bring my sewing supplies back, too :)


  1. hi! haha this post came up in my reader and I was all "hey that looks familiar!" Yep, Jessie took this at Material Girls. I've finished up the quilting and just have to finish sewing on the binding. The colors make me suuuper happy, but I think my favorite part is the quilting. Totally worth the time. (Here's an in-progress photo of the quilting.)

    It's a Christmas gift, but after Christmas I'll post more info and photos on my blog.

    Thanks for taking the photo, Jessie, and thanks for choosing it for the Friday favorite--made my day! :D