Friday, December 21, 2012

Friday Flickr Favorites

Hi Everyone,
Wow, it is really hard to pick just one photo from the Flickr pool this week!     So I'm not going to.

This stunning finish is by none other than Katie, our almost-former president, and her friend Tricia.  The fabric is Laura Gunn's Cosmos line.   The simple pattern and those amazing fabrics make this one just jump off the screen, don't you think?  Well done, Katie and Tricia! (And Laura!)

And this one made my heart leap into my chest, with our household's current obsession with chemistry!

It's a chocolate molecule, by Lynne.  There seem to be enough sewing-dorks in our group that I though you all would get a kick out of this. 

Click through to the Flickr pool; Elle, Frederick, Jamie Lee and Jess have some splendid finishes posted this week, and there are a lot of works in progress to drool over as well.

Is anyone still madly sewing holiday gifts?  I for one am knitting well into the night to have a little Amigurumi doll finished on time.  Good luck to all you last- minute crafters and happy holidays, everyone!


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  1. This was a fun surprise!! Thanks. And I love the chocolate molecule :)