Saturday, December 15, 2012

(Saturday) Flickr Favorites

Oops, was I supposed to be doing the Friday Flickr thing too?  Yes, yes I was.  Well it's a good thing I waited because this photo from Amy just showed up today...

As a girl who loves starting new projects (regardless of the dozen others I may or may not have laying around unfinished), I just swoon over a pile of neatly cut squares, especially scrappy ones.  So much potential here.

Do you ever scan through other people's scraps, looking for any fabric that you own, too?  There are four in this photo that I know and love :)   I always do that when I see a quilt someone else has made, too. 

And for those of you who appreciate a good finish, here's a cute one from Jamie Lee.

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  1. Fun! I love looking at other people's fabrics, too. I have a couple of those Denyse Schmidt prints.