Friday, March 8, 2013

Survey and Friday Flickr Favorites

We sent out a brief survey this week to folks on our email list, to help us plan our meetings and other activities for the rest of the year.  We've received almost 30 responses so far, so thank you to everyone who filled it out!  There were so many positive, enthusiastic responses and I am just so excited to move forward based upon your ideas.  We will be reaching out to those of you who volunteered for something starting next week.

 If you did not receive a survey, and would like to pitch in to help shape the future of our guild, please email us and we will add you to our email list and send out a survey. 

And here are some lovely finishes from the Flickr Pool:
love, love, love by Quirky Granola Girl

Doll quilt by Lexilooo

Summerlove by Busy Bee Quilts

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