Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Woo-hooo!  I'm so excited for the sewing extravaganza weekend that Anna is hosting this month! 
Anna's ready to sew!

Our official meeting time is Sunday March 17th, from 10-5 but Anna has invited us to join her on Saturday as well for more informal sewing time. 

I'm copying Anna's info from the Flickr discussion here: 

I am really excited to host this month's meeting and sewing day!! I can't wait to share my space with you and to spend the day exchanging ideas and talking about quilting! If you still need directions to my house you can email me hootnhaller[at]gmail[dot]com

Finding the house//
I will try to have signage out on the road to help you find the house and will hopefully have balloons tied to my car! You will enter the house through the back door. There is a ramp to get to the door and you will not have to walk up or down stairs with your machine.

There are a lot of food options within walking distance, there are local restaurants that deliver (I have menus), or you can pack food from home. The fraternity house has a soda fountain and water available. Also, I will have a few snacks but feel free to bring something to share.

I will have two cutting stations and an ironing station set up. Please feel free to bring supplies to share! I know I will need to press a lot during the day, so we could use a few more irons.

QuiltCon Recap//
Elle is planning to talk about her experience at QuiltCon at about 2:00. We have a projector and screen set up in our working area so we will be able to see photos and potentially watch one of the keynote addresses on Craftsy (if people are interested).

Show and Tell//
I can't wait to see what everyone has been working on this month! I will have masking tape available if you want to hang up your work and create a "gallery" for everyone to view the quilts.

Saturday Sewing//
As I mentioned before, I will be spending all day Saturday sewing. If you are interested in coming on Saturday just let me know. The more the merrier! 

Thanks Anna!

Comment below if you are coming (and when), and sign up if you can bring any of the following:
Iron and ironing board
Rotary cutting setup

Don't forget your extension cord (and the cord to your sewing machine!) and a surge protector power strip, if you have one. 
Can't wait to see everyone!


  1. Yay!! I can't wait! I will be there ;)

  2. I'm with Anna - very excited to get to hang out and sew with everyone! I'll be there all day, and I'll be bringing the laptop for the projector system. Also, if it looks like we need more irons or cutting stations after people sign up, I can bring either/both! I'll also be bringing some treats from QuiltCon for everyone, along with a fabulous door prize! :)

  3. I'm excited to finally be able to come to another meeting after months of conflicts! I can bring snacks and/or cutting supplies. My iron and ironing board are gross and need to be replaced, so those will stay at home...

    1. That's why I always volunteer for snacks...

  4. I'll be there! Hooray!

    I can bring an iron, cutting mat and rotary, if needed! I can also bring a snack :)

  5. I'll be there! I will be a little late- have to sing in church, so I'll leave as soon as I can (be there around 1, I think). I'll bring my iron and ironing board. I'll also bring a power strip.
    Looking forward to see you all!

  6. i'll be there saturday and sunday and i'll bring cords and surge protectors. if my boy gets well soon then i can bring a snack, too.

  7. I will be there on Sunday with iron and ironing board and surge protector. Can't wait to see what everyone is working on!
    Linda F.

  8. I'll be coming for a few hours on Saturday (10-2 or so) and the whole day on Sunday. I will have a ton of ironing to do, so I think I'll take the opportunity to get a new board and bring that and my iron along. And a snack for Sunday.

  9. I hope to be there for the full day on Sunday and come with surge protector, cutter and mat, and of course my usual snack contribution.

  10. I plan to be there the whole day on Sunday. I may stop by Saturday as well for a couple hours in the early afternoon. I can bring a power strip and cutting mat.

  11. I'll be there on Sunday. I'm going to bring some snacks and I also have an extra extension cord if anyone needs it.

  12. I'll be there Sunday (today!) and will have an iron my mini table top ironing board, and cutting supplies. See you soon!