Friday, April 5, 2013

Friday Flickr Favorite & lots of important news!

Frederick's Color Poems
Don't you love seeing what others are working on?  I think I might enjoy works-in-progress even more than finished quilts- there are so many possibilities to imagine at this point...

Here's another:
Melinda's new blocks

Here's a little news from Elle:

Hi everyone,

Hopefully, you all received an e-mail from me last week about the new location for our April 27th meeting.  If you did not get the e-mail and have attended a meeting in the last six months or so, PLEASE send an e-mail to with your name, e-mail address, and blog address by April 9th so we can be sure to include you in a vote regarding the direction of the guild.  (In fact, if you have only attended one or a couple of meetings, it would be great if you could send an e-mail letting us know which meeting you attended, since I've tried to learn everyone's names, but hadn't anticipated that we'd need to know who had participated and I don't want to forget you when compiling the list for the vote!).

Here's the message that we sent out:

Thanks to Heather's astute eye, we were able to change our April 27th meeting location to the large auditorium at Arlington's Central Library, located at 1015 N. Quincy Street, Arlington, VA 22201.  We haven't met here before, but it has a capacity of 180 people, 24 2-person tables, and should give us significantly more space to spread out, so if you have quilts to baste, friends who have wanted to come, etc., this is the meeting!  We should have lots of room for everyone!  There is a parking lot/deck associated with the library.  We'll be there for open sewing from 10:30 to 4:30 (we have to be out when the library closes at 5).  Please mark the changed location on your calendar...we don't want anyone ending up at Westover library by mistake!

Also, please bring any scraps you'd like to contribute to a giant scrap swap, along with any orphan blocks you'd like to donate to a group charity quilt (more info on the Flickr discussion boards on these.)   

If you have time to make a nametag before then, we'll be revealing those, as well...thanks, Anjeanette, for the great idea!

In response to that e-mail, one of our followers, Kit, let us know that parking may be crowded at the Central Library that day, so if you can carpool or use mass transit (difficult with a sewing machine, I know!), or come early, you may have an easier time getting a spot.  The Friends of the Arlington Public Library is hosting its semi-annual book sale in the library garage that weekend, and Saturday morning is likely to draw a crowd.  On the upside, there is usually a very nice selection of craft books, so it may be worth going early to shop!  Katie also e-mailed that there may be a shortage of outlets at that location, though the lady thought it would be ok when I'd originally called to check on table space.  If people can plan to bring extension cords and power strips, that would be helpful, just in case (and if anyone has time to go by and check out the space/scout additional parking, etc., that would be great!).

Other news: If anyone is interested in a paid commission to work with a woman in DC on redoing part of a t-shirt quilt, please let me know and I can pass along the information.  Finally, if anyone is interested in working with an afterschool program at an elementary school in DC on an agricultural-inspired quilt next year, they are looking for volunteers to work with 4th-6th graders.  I'll try to remember to provide more detailed information at our meeting on April 27th, as well.  

We don't have a set agenda for the meeting yet...basically, we'll be sewing, and at some point when the group is ready we'll take breaks for the scrap swap, orphan block discussion, show-and-tell, name tag reveal, and perhaps an election of new officers or more information about the MQG status.   (Since there are a lot of activities, we'll probably want to break it up through the day!)

Thanks all,

Hope you all have a lovely weekend!  -Jessie


  1. Is there any parking at the Metro near the Library? I'll probably be dropped off so that the boys can do boy things...

    Or is the Metro within walking distance of the Library? (Maybe I should google the library & Metro, huh?)

  2. No parking at the station, Just went to, but it does appear to be within walking distance.

    (I'll be bringing hand work & scraps/orphan blocks.)

  3. The Ballston Mall has a huge parking garage - you have to pay to park but it is only a couple of blocks from the Ballston Metro. So if you could get dropped off they could park there, and then jump on the metro.

    Hope this helps!