Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The results are in...

Curious?  Here's the results of the vote so far:

38 members returned the survey we sent out on Friday.  5 people did not return the survey.  (If you didn't get a chance to respond yet, you can still do so- we'd still love to hear your opinion.) 

10 (26%) people voted to keep our casual status, 22 (58%) voted to begin to formalize, and 6 (16%)  had no preference. 

I think that with more than twice as many members voting for organizing than against, we can safely start to move in that direction, all the while remaining committed to keeping the group welcoming to new members and community members who just want to drop in occasionally.

Thanks everyone for participating in the discussion and vote!

If you are interested in a future leadership/officer/board position, please email Katie Blakesley (swimbikequilt at gmail dot com) and tell her what position(s) you are interested in, and we can begin to talk about what's next. Descriptions of the officers' roles are in the by-laws draft tab above, and the board positions that have been proposed are:

Social media coordinator
Swap coordinator
Charity coordinator

If you want to help with the formalization process in general, or you're not sure what position you prefer, email Katie anyway and let her know.   Thanks!


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