Monday, June 3, 2013

Outdoor Sewing Recap

L to R from top:  Margot, Helen, Channel, Linda, Anna.  Susan, Natalie, Jessie, Aoife.  Frederick, Anne
It was so lovely to meet up with some quilters and relax in the US Botanical Gardens on Saturday!  The amphitheater has a large awning and so we had shade and a nice breeze with which to sew by. 

A little show and tell-




Welcome to Margot,  a new attendee this time, and Aoife, for whom this is her second event!  So nice to meet you both!
Now a hiatus on outdoor sewing until October!

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  1. It really was a lovely day under the awning in the shade. Lunch at Smithsonian Indian Museum was amazing too! Next time we need to see some art to finish the day.