Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Meeting this Saturday!

Hi all,

Reminding you of our upcoming meeting this Saturday, August 17th, from 1:30-4:30 at Capital Quilts, 15926 Luanne Drive, Gaithersburg, MD 20877.

We'll start with a paper piecing tutorial from Meli (Thanks, Meli!)  after which we will hand out block kits to any who would like to volunteer to assemble them at home for September's charity sewing event
There has been talk of a block raffle on Flickr for October's meeting, so I'd like to finalize our color/pattern choices for that, and then of course there will be time for sewing and socializing and shopping!

There is room at Capital Quilts for about 12 of us to bring sewing machine projects.  If you would like to bring your machine, I encourage you to do so and make the best use of your meeting time, but please drop me an email to sign up for a machine slot.  That way you won't be disappointed if you shlepp all your supplies to the meeting and you end up without a space. 

Current members should have paid their dues or should come prepared to do so at the meeting.  ($40, cash, check, or PayPal) New members are always welcome and may attend 2 meetings before deciding to join.  If you are planning on requesting a scholarship, you should contact Heather before the meeting.  

Can't wait to see everyone!  Comment if you're coming and feel free to bring snacks!  (CQ already has cutting/pressing stations for our use.)



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  2. I'm planning to be there with some really cute show and tell! Can't wait to see everyone and catch up on your latest projects! :)

  3. I should be there. I think I'm just going to bring some cutting work (or maybe knitting...) because I don't feel like carting my machine.

    Elle - is your show and tell the bebe??

  4. I'll be there! Can't wait to meet Mr. Miles in person!

  5. There are still several sewing machine spots available, so don't be shy in asking!

    I'm bringing cheese and crackers...

    1. I am going to be there with my Rose Star quilt to show which happens to be an EPP quilt!

  6. I would love a sewing machine spot. But I will bring some hand sewing just in case.

  7. I know I said I was bringing my machine, but I think I will bring my hand sewing instead.

    I think Elle may trump us with best show and tell. Not that we have a best of show for them usually. Just this time;)

  8. I forgot my big ruler there :( anyone pick it up?

  9. Thanks again, y'all! Miles has just been telling me how much he enjoyed meeting everyone and how excited he is about his new quilt! It is so awesome! We will both treasure it forever!