Thursday, October 17, 2013

Meeting this Saturday, Oct 19th

Hi There!  Just a quick reminder of our meeting the Saturday, Oct 19th at the Rose Hill Library from 10:30- 4:30.  We have some exciting events lined up!  

 First, former president Katie Blakesley will be speaking from 11-12 on the publishing process (both magazines and books)

Then we will hold our first Block Raffle (there's still time to whip up a couple of blocks!),

and we'll be handing out the Riley Blake Challenge fabric to those of you who signed up!  If you didn't sign up back in August, we received enough extra fabric to make a few more bundles; first come, first served! 

After that it's free sewing time until the library kicks us out; bring your machine and extension cords and get something done this weekend!  Newcomers are welcome !

Please comment if you can bring iron, ironing board, cutting mat/rulers, or snacks to share.  See you there!



  1. It turns out I have to work Saturday, but I'm going to try to swing by at least to pick up my fabric. Probably won't be there until mid-afternoon, though. Definitely won't have time to sew because then I have to run off to another engagement, but I look forward to seeing everyone!

  2. I plan to be there in the morning, but I'll have to leave early. Looking forward to it!

  3. I'll be there and will bring some cookies I've made. I have to leave around 2 PM and will probably not bring my machine at all. I have some hand sewing to do.

  4. Does anyone have an iPhone that might be willing to bring their charger, hop on the library wifi, and let me watch Katie's presentation with FaceTime? I'm dying to hear what she has to say, but I don't want to expose anyone to my germs! I'm at 404-226-4177.

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  6. Bummed that you are sick Elle.

    I'm coming! I signed up for the challenge, I hope one of those are for me. I keep forgetting to look at the MQG site.

  7. I'm coming! And I'm bummed Elle is sick, but I can provide a backup phone/ipad mini if she needs it.

    I'm super excited that this library is by our new house! I'll bring what tools I have handy, probably some mats, rulers, rotary cutters and an iron. I'm also bringing lots of takeout menus from the "local" places (within a 5-8 minute drive).