Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Jacquie Gering Trunk Show

The Baltimore Modern Quilt Guild hosted Jacquie Gering this weekend. Unfortunately, I was not able to attend the stitch and flip triangle class on Sunday, but I did make it to the trunk show on Monday night. Jacquie is such a great speaker and has some amazing quilts. Please ignore the faces she appears to be making in the pictures, I kept catching her in mid-sentence.

Panorama shot of all the quilts laid out.

"Tin Ceiling," a traditional spider web quilt made with selvages. The quilting is reminiscent of old tin ceilings and was done by a long-arm quilter based on Jacquie's directions.

"Birches," this was a challenge given to her by one of her blog readers. The challenge was to use only her neutral scraps and be inspired by an object. Jacquie chose a plate with birch trees on it. She makes these smaller quilts a lot, especially when testing out colors or new patterns for a larger quilt.
This quilt started as a color wheel quilt, but when she stuck one half-circle on her design wall, she liked it so much she made more. The half-circles are hand-appliqued onto the white background.

This pattern was inspired by the gears in her cranberry grinder using the stitch and flip triangle method on both ends of a traditional dresden plate.
"Bridges" is by far my favorite quilt that she's made. Inspired by the move from Kansas City to Chicago and the many bridges she sees while walking her dog. Using her slice and insert method.
"Aftermath," one of 15 message quilts she is planning on making. Her "Bang You're Dead" quilt was another. This one was inspired by the Boston Bombing. It reminds her to do her part and about the positive things that can come out of horrible events. Rough edge, fused, machine applique.

There were many more beautiful quilts, but many of them can be found in her book Quilting Modern


  1. Thanks Anna for posting your photos! I'm so glad you got to attend!

  2. Looks like a very interesting presentation. Hope we can find some time to host guest speakers like this in the next year or two.