Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Our Quilt Exhibit

I am so excited to be working on our first quilt show, coming up SOON in February 2014! 

We are still very much in the planning phase, but I wanted to get as much info as possible out to our members so you can start planning, too.

The show will be held at the Anacostia Arts Center.  It's a beautiful, newly renovated space which holds gallery space, a black box theater, and small creative businesses.  Our quilts are going to look great on those walls!  

photo from the AAC website

To enter a quilt into the show, you will need to submit a photo or photos of the quilt, fill out an online form listing the quilt's size and other basic info, and include a brief artist's statement about your quilt.  These submissions will be due January 15th.  We will send out a specific call for submissions when the center is ready to receive them. 

The show will be curated by a panel from the center, and they will be the ones making the hard choices if we receive too many submissions for the space.  It is fine if you would like to submit several quilts, and let the center decide which to hang in the show. 

Quilts may be offered for sale, and you are encouraged to do so.  The center will retain a commission on any sales.  If you are planning on offering your quilt for sale and would like to talk about pricing, don't hesitate to contact me; I can give you a few guidelines and point you towards some additional resources as well. 

Quilts will need to have a D-sleeve on the back.  We'll have a tutorial on that really soon. 

We will hang the quilts in the center during the first week of February, and we'll be looking for a few volunteers to help on the hanging committee. 

The tentative opening day is February 8th, and the show will run about a month.

We are planning to hold some events in the center while our quilts are there:  We'd like to hold our February meeting/sewing day there; and we would also like to hold a lecture in their wonderful theater space.  More details on these events will be coming soon. 

I want to thank Frederick, who scored us this great opportunity when he exhibited his "Orange Explains It" quilt!  By default Frederick is now on all the show committees as well, so a huge thank you to him for all his work so far! 

Questions? feel free to email me directly or leave a comment right here.  



  1. Will you be able to provide us with a sample artist's statement? Is it supposed to be just a paragraph about the quilt, or should it include our name, the name of the quilt, materials, etc.?

  2. Hahaha....guess I need to be a memeber first?!:)

    Maybe next time!:)