Friday, January 10, 2014

Friday Flickr Favorites

 Yes, I am a sucker for English paper piecing!  These are so beautiful, Melinda. This week on Flickr Melinda was wondering what to do with 3 lovely blocks when she doesn't want to make any more.   
 Personally I think it would be cool to add a border strip to each block and make 3 hexagon-shaped pillows.  They would be so cute across the bed!  Any other ideas out there?  I'm sure whatever they become, it will be lovely! 


  1. A long pillow with all three of them! Individual hotpads. Mini wall hangings. Appliqued them onto the front of a tote bag. Sew all three of them together just like that and make a table topper or wall hanging....just a few thoughts!:)
    They are beautiful Melinda!!