Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Sewing day this Saturday! Finch on Dec 13th!

This Saturday November 22nd from 10:30-4:30 we're having a free sewing day at another new library, the Shirlington Branch Library at 4200 Campbell Ave, Arlington, VA.  Bring your own project and machine and something for show and tell, or just come and hang out.  Don't forget extension cords! 

And in 3 weeks, Nicole from Finch Sewing Studio (102 Loudoun St, SW Leesburg, Virginia 20175) has again invited us to hang at her place.  We're welcome all day, from 10-5, but if you can only spare a couple hours from your holiday preparations, come anyway and say hello! 
In honor of the holidays, we'll do our Yankee gift swap at 12:00.  If you'd like to participate, bring a $10, wrapped, quilting-related gift to swap.  The swap works as such: the gifts are piled in the center of the room, and everyone draws a number randomly.  #1 chooses and unwraps a gift.  #2 then can decide to unwrap another gift, or to steal the gift from #1, in which case #1 would then unwrap something new.  And so it goes down the line, with each gift only being allowed to be stolen once per round.  It was great fun last year as we all maneuvered to get the tailor's ham or various coveted fabric bundles. 

Hope to see many of you at these two events!  I can't believe how fast this year has gone...



  1. Yay!! I'm happy that we have a meeting in December. I can't believe I had to miss the October and November meetings :(

  2. I hope to be there in the morning/early afternoon at Finch. We have our holiday party at work that evening, so I'll have to dip out early. If it's going to fill up like the last sewing day there, can you please slot me in for morning sewing time :)