Sunday, December 21, 2014

Denyse Schmidt!

Through the hard work of your guild board of 2014, Denyse Schmidt is coming to the DC area.

She will be teaching a workshop for DCMQG on Sunday, June 7th from 11-4 and spots will be limited.  She will also be doing a lecture the same evening which will be open to all guild members and those outside the guild. 

Mark your calendars now and save your pennies! 


  1. Holy moly, how exciting! THANK YOU 2014 for the amazing work!

  2. Saturday the 6th or Sunday the 7th? I just rushed to mark my calendar!

  3. How exciting! I've saved the date on my calendar!

  4. Alright I already talked to my significant other because I will have a 1 month old about that time so we need to work out logistics for me to attend. Has the location for the workshop been chosen and will it be the same place for the lecture? We're going to get a hotel room to make it easier. Thanks!