Thursday, January 15, 2015

Meeting on Saturday the 17th: Committees, Swaps and Station Sign Ups

Our first meeting of 2015 is this Saturday at the Arlington Central Library from noon to 5pm.  There is another group in there in the morning so we can't get in until noon.

The plan for the meeting is:

12:00-12:30      Set up your space, meet and greet

12:30-2:00        Big Ideas for 2015 planning session--bring hand stitching or knitting and be ready to discuss your ideas for the next year in the guild.  We will review suggestions that came from member surveys. Volunteers for committees would be most appreciated.  We may be switching seats as needed to brainstorm with fellow committee members.  I'm asking for no machine sewing during this portion of the meeting so everyone can hear and participate.

2:00-5:00         Open sew time. 

If you are not available this Saturday, please feel free to comment here or send me an email ( with your ideas and/or a committee that you'd like to participate in.

So far we could use some help on the following committees:

1 person to work with Susan Fuller on Swap Committee

Liz and I (Melinda) will be on retreat committee but we could use more help (there were a few volunteers on Instagram but I want everyone to have a full choice of committees).

Depending on interest from members present at the meeting we will probably need a committee chair and members for each of the following committees:
sewing challenges/QAL
shop hop/social committee
and charity.

Your Board will take on education responsibilities for the guild, but please feel free to bring education ideas (or offer help with education tasks) at any time.

Speaking of swaps, the guild will be doing quarterly swaps this year.  Our first one will probably start in January.  If you have ideas for swap themes and can't come to the meeting this weekend, be sure to leave a comment or email so we can consider your input this Saturday.

Lastly, we need volunteers for Station Sign Ups.  If you can bring items for a cutting station, ironing board, iron and/or snacks for the meeting, please leave a comment here.  Don't forget extension cords!  

Extra bonus if you read this far, here is a picture of our outdoor meeting in 2014.  I hope we can get more smiling faces at an outdoor meeting this year.

Outdoor #DCMQG meeting at the US Botanical Gardens. Loved seeing @damascst, @anneelizzy, Frederick, Lynne and Helen.


  1. I was thinking about bringing my photography back drop gear to set up and take some photos of quilts on the stage at Arlington. Anyone else interested in doing photos of your finished quilts?

    1. I'd like to do more photos with the space that we have at the Arlington Central Library but I don't think they have enough light. Last time my photos were really blurry. I wish I had a light set up to offer to bring.

  2. That outdoor meeting was May and it was on the verge of hot but we were lucky that the location was comfortable in that great shady spot at the Native Plants garden of US Nat. Botanical Gardens on the mall! Hope we can slip in another mall meeting outdoors this year before it gets too hot or after the heat has passed.

  3. Looking forward to the meeting, I just got info from my retreat inquiry! I'll be out of town for a funeral tomorrow (friday) and may be spending the night in Frederick and leaving from there if we get back too late. I'd be happy to bring a snack though :)

  4. I'll bring a cutting mat. Frederick I'd love to have you take photos of my finished quilts but I don't have any finishes this year so far!!!

  5. I'm going to plan on bringing snacks (as many as I can procure) and an iron with small ironing board!

  6. I have a large bag of chocolate to help with all that thinking you want us to do :-)
    I do have lighting I'd be happy to bring later in the year after Vivian turns one and starts staying home. A girl can only schlep so much!

  7. Guess we should plan photos for a later meeting. I Did not have trouble with light at Arlington central library but using a tripod makes a big difference.