Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Quilts for Kids Donation Recap

This post is waaaaay overdue, but also timely since I dropped a second "batch" of quilts off at the Carpenter's Shelter earlier today.

100 Quilts for Kids
The Hoffman Center is part of the Carpenter's Shelter
For those who are newer to the guild, or don't remember, we committed our 100 Quilts for Kids quilt drive in 2014 to the Carpenter's Shelter in Alexandria, VA. Here's a stack of 28 quilts (!) that I brought to the shelter back in October.

Stack of quilts for 100 Quilts for Kids

Luckily, I live nearby, so it was easy to get them there!


Carpenter's Shelter is the primary shelter for homeless families in the City of Alexandria and serves 250 people every year. Families stay at the shelter for 4 months on average and while they are there live in dormitory style rooms. I love to think of how all our quilts will brighten up the children's rooms! Although I originally arranged to donate 15-20 quilts, the shelter was happy to take more quilts with the winter months coming up. In addition to the residential program, the shelter also serves walk-ins on cold evenings as part of a winter shelter, and sometimes these are families with children. These families in particular may have few, if any possessions, so because of your donations a child who wasn't sure she'd have a bed to sleep in one night will get to snuggle with a handmade quilt.

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Some of you contributed to our group quilts with fabric donated by Fabric Traditions. Here are the four that have been donated so far, and I think we still have one floating around out there somewhere.

100 Quilts for Kids Group Quilts

And if you'd like to see other quilts DC Modern donated, many people linked them up here.

Thanks again to all the members that contributed to this effort. I know I'm personally interested in continuing to grow our charity work through DC Modern and would love to hear others' ideas about how we can use our talents to give back to the greater DC community.


  1. so cool, Heather! Thanks for coordinating, and sharing that lovely stack of quilts. I hope they warm lots of families!

  2. Love it you are amazing! Is mine the other one still floating?

  3. Great to see where those efforts went and how big the pile of donations ended up being when you delivered them Heather. It's a generous accomplishment to put on our guild's charity resume.