Saturday, March 21, 2015

March Meeting Recap

Today's meeting went really well.  We gained 3 members, had 3 guests and 29 total people at the meeting.  For those that are keeping track at home, we are up to 73 members!  Thanks to Carissa's brilliant idea to have machines on the outside of the tables and hand sewing on the inside, we fit just fine and did a lot of chatting with friends. 

This was taken before we filled to capacity.
We had a pretty full house for today's bag sewing meeting at the Westover Library. This picture was even taken before everyone showed up 😉. Thank you all for contributing to a great meeting.

For those that couldn't be at the meeting, your board is working on a few new things:
  • We are having a logo contest so get out your sketchpads and put your thinking caps on.  We are looking for a design in black and white, sewing/quilt block/DC themed, and with DCMQG featured more prominently.  The plan is to use this logo to print t-shirts and tote bags for our members.  The designs will be offered up to the members to vote on and the design contest winner will win fabulous prizes--still to be decided on.  The due date for designs is still to be decided on as well.  Updates will happen here on the blog.
  • The guild will start a quilting bee later this year.  It will be on a volunteer basis, the queen or king bee for the month gets to choose the block design, colors and probably the fabric.  It will be either monthly or bimonthly.  I think this is a great opportunity to build a quilt with blocks made by your fellow guild members.  If you are interested, consider if you can truly commit to following through on making blocks.  Update: since the meeting, I've thought more about the idea and am now thinking that we should do multiple mini bees of 4-6 people.  Then once the first round is done, we can reshuffle the groups and people can sign up for another round with 4-6 people.  That way it is a smaller commitment and it will be easier to drop out for a round if things get busy and then you can rejoin.  Further thoughts or comments are appreciated and I'd love to get some volunteers to keep track of each group of beemates.
  • Anjeanette and I (Melinda) are working on a plan for a guild quilt along to start later this year.  We'll be making blocks and writing up blog posts with a tutorial or link to a tutorial complete with the size of block components that we used.  The plan is to keep a little less structured and more fun so it will be the Choose Your Own Adventure Sampler.  Blocks will vary in size and difficulty.  If you would like to join in leading the group in a block and blogging about it, let me know.
  •  Anjeanette, Liz and I will tour the retreat site tomorrow!  FYI, the retreat is only open to members.  When we start sign ups for the retreat weekends, be aware that you will need to be a member next year (our renewal date is the end of June/beginning of July) in order to attend. 
  • Three board members had the chance to take a workshop with Carolyn Friedlander this week.  It was incredible and your board will work on getting Carolyn Friedlander out to work with our guild next year, likely in January. 
Okay, that seems like enough new things to keep us busy.  We are always looking for volunteers for committees and other fun board tasks, so don't forget to lend your skills!

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  1. Melinda, Carissa, et al: thanks for a great meeting. I appreciate all the work you do to keep us together as the guild grows. You are "awesome." thanks, fran