Thursday, March 12, 2015

Pincushion Party!

Now that the Pincushion Swap is all wrapped up, we thought we'd share some pictures of the lovely little treasures that were sewn and swapped by DCMQG members.  First off, thanks to Susan (@fullerbydesign) for being our fearless swap leader!

The scrumptious pear pincushion that Susan (@fullerbydesign) made for Jamie.

There was some great variety in types and shapes of pincushions that were exchanged.  I made a couple of collages from Instagram pics with the #DCMQG hashtag to showcase the work of our guild members!  First up, the more geometrically-inspired pincushions.

The Makers: Top (L to R)--Nisha (@nishydoodle), Dana (@danaandthread),
Ashley (@smartash_b)
Bottom (L to R)--Anne (@anneelizzy), Phyliss (@sewtogetherphyliss), 
Melinda (@quirkygranolagirl)
And then we had some animal-/food-inspired or otherwise functional pincushions.

The Makers: Top (L to R)--Jamie (@beacraftygirl), Megan 
(@subsistenceslicker), Terrie (@nightowlknitter)
Bottom (L to R)--Leah (@leahbee), Carissa (@treadletothemetal), 
Alyson (@alysonwonderlan)
All in all, some gorgeous handsewn things were made and swapped.  So, what should we swap next?  Pillows or mini quilts? Small bags or needle holders?  Let us know your ideas! If you're not on Instagram already, follow along with us @DCMQG and share your inspiration.  I think I've officially caught the swap fever just from looking around Instagram.  Have you caught it too?!?


  1. I love the variety that the group came up with! Thanks for posting, Carissa!

  2. I have to admit I'm pretty excited for the next swap. Pillows and pouches sound fabulous to me! It might be fun to do a swap with a specific (free) pattern just so we can see the variety that can come from one basic design.