Thursday, June 11, 2015

Denyse Schmidt Lecture Event

So far, the feedback we have received from attendees has been positive.  We, on the board, are so grateful that so many people came to make it a fun event.

I took some pictures of the audience.  Unfortunately, I didn't understand the lighting well enough to get a decent picture of Denyse, so my picture from the workshop will have to do.  
Denyse Schmidt lecture audience.
Sharing my pic of Denyse Schmidt here and on the #DCMQG blog a little later today.

Thank you to our pop up shops: Del Ray Fabrics, Finch Sewing Studio and Gooba Designs!  I got swept up in looking at all of the fabric and forgot to take a picture of the shops in action.  If anyone else got a picture of it and would like to forward a copy to me, I'd be grateful.

I'd like to send out an extra special thank you to our treasurer, Robin, who worked tirelessly with the venue, getting insurance and collecting fees.  She put in a TON of hours making sure that the lecture was a success.  If you see her at an upcoming meeting, take a minute to give her a personal thanks.  This event could not have happened without her. 

I'd also like to give a shout out to Alyson, who carted lots of pop up shop goodies to and from vendors' cars so we could all have a fun shopping experience.  She stepped up double time since another planned helper couldn't make it. 

Our secretary, Lynne, did a great job with the postcards for marketing the event and our V.P., Carissa, helped Robin with venue scouting, helped Lynne with marketing and helped keep me sane and I'm sure a lot of other things I can't remember. 

I have lots of gratitude for the hours that everyone put in on this event. 

Are there other speakers that you'd be interested in seeing next year?  Do you like having speakers come see us or would you rather we put our efforts somewhere else?  The new fiscal year member survey is coming out soon so keep these thoughts fresh in your mind for filling out that survey.


  1. Aw, I appreciate the shout out, but it's not necessary. I had fun and really, all the hard work went into planning, so much so that all that was needed from me was grunt work!

    I would love to hear about the design processes from some other fabric designers. Denyse'sdesign processes were really interesting, but I would love to hear more about designing a fabric line.

  2. thank you for everything you did to make it a wonderful day

  3. I wish we had heard Denyse's talk befor we got to take the improv workshop. I had a lot of common experiences to those she described in her personal slide show history. But the whole day was pretty awesome and I know making it all work was a major job so thank you to everyone who put time in doing all those chores.

  4. It was an awesome day! Thanks to everyone who put their own time into getting this all set up for us.