Sunday, June 14, 2015

Guild Logo and Shirt Designs

It is June 14th.  As of yet, I have received no logo/shirt designs. (Including my own design--I live with me and still haven't seen myself submit my idea.)  So, I wonder if I've taken the time to describe how a design for our new logo can be submitted.

You can:
  • send a hand drawn picture by snail mail
  • email a scan of a hand drawn picture
  • email a pdf or jpeg file of your design
  • put your design in a folder marked "top secret!" and give it to me at the next meeting 
  • Do carrier pigeons still exist? 
  • I will even accept a logo design strapped to a pot bellied pig delivered to my front yard.  
The important part is that you submit something.  The new deadline is July 1st.  The prizes are a free guild t-shirt, a free guild tote and a $50 gift certificate to one of our business member shops.

So get out your crayons and your pencils!!


  1. I like our current logo. What is the purpose of creating another?

    1. This was discussed and decided months ago. The designer of our current logo is no longer in our group. Our current logo is in too many colors to easily print. The font on it is too small to easily be seen when shrunk down or to be seen from a distance. We want a simple one or two color logo so we can make tshirts and tote bags. We have no permission to use the current logo for tshirts or tote bags, nor do we have permission to change the colors of the current logo, the layout of the current logo, etc.

    2. This makes a lot of sense. Thanks for explaining. I have missed the past conversations about this.

  2. I agree with Linda - I really like our current logo. Why change it?