Friday, June 26, 2015

June update

The meeting on June 20th at Falls Church Episcopal went very well.  The space was large, bright and had plenty of tables (once we found them) and chairs.  Members that were present agreed that it was a great space with good parking.  The board will discuss having more meetings there for ease of scheduling.

August retreat slots open!  There is still one slot open for the retreat in August, two day pass slots open and no one on the wait list.  If you are interested, refer to previous emails for links to sign up for retreat.  There is plenty of space in the November retreat.

We now have two entries for our guild logo contest.  Did you enter?  Did you want to?  Deadline is July 1st!


  1. Did anyone get any good pictures of the space while we were in it? I took one that's in my Instagram feed, but it's not a great shot. It really was a great space that could easily accommodate many more folks - I'm looking forward to sewing there again!

  2. That's a good question, Alyson. Carissa was in charge of pictures but I'm not sure if she took any photos of the space vs. pictures of the people and quilts. I'm hoping we can book that space for charity sewing in September. Maybe I'll take a video walk through of the space that day.