Saturday, June 13, 2015

New Membership Year

Outdoor Sewing Day May 2015

At the top of our blog is a new button to pay your membership dues for July 2015-June 2016.  The dues are $45 if you pay in person at a meeting or if you mail a check to Robin (email her at for the mailing address).  The dues through paypal are slightly higher to cover paypal's fees.  We also have a scholarship fund available if needed.  Check out our About Us page for more details. 

I hope you all feel like you are getting good things out of your membership.  In the past membership year there was a workshop with Betz White, a free trunk show with Angela Walters, the workshop and lecture with Denyse Schmidt and the workshop with Mary Fons.  We've started some fun guild swaps, there are two retreats coming up, and we will get guild t-shirts and tote bags printed.  Together we made a huge pile of charity quilts to donate, and we've made some beautiful baby quilts for our tiniest members.  We've had guild field trips to the DAR museum and Del Ray Fabrics and there is another field trip to Finch Sewing Studio in July.  Your volunteer board has more ideas in the works like a field trip to the textile museum, a trip to shop at Gooba Designs, more guild quilting bees and a guild quilt along.  There are plenty of opportunities to pitch in with more new ideas, too.  Do we want a guild picnic?  How about a second outdoor sewing day in early fall?  How about an apparel sewing day set up like our bag sewing day?  Does anyone want to explore fabric screen printing or fabric dyeing?  We can make a lot of ideas happen in a group like this.

Besides our local guild activities, a good portion of your dues go to the national MQG organization.  Through them you can go to things like QuiltCon, connect with other modern quilt guild members from around the world and you have access to some pretty amazing webinars.  A full list of MQG benefits is also on our About Us page. 

So take a minute to pay your dues with the button above, or bring a checkbook to the June or July meetings or send Robin a quick email so you can mail a check.  We, on the board, are excited to have you in the group!


  1. FYI On the smart phone I am using no pay button appears and the google calendar just has a June 20th date for a sewing meeting but no times nor location. I will check on my desktop for details but something isn't translating over to this format.

    1. OK on the desktop version of the blog all that calendar information shows up with the paypal button in the head of the blog but still when I go over to add the calendar event to my personal google calendar it only shows June 20th as a Sewing Day. Then the rest of the summer details are missing for July, August etc...

    2. I can only keep up with so many streams of communication. Blog posts, instagram, facebook replies, emails, blog comments--all of it takes my time.

      We put the paypal button up on the blog to make it easy for blog readers to pay their dues. I have no control over what device people use to view the blog. If people view the blog on a phone, the phone will always choose the quick mobile version of the blog and viewers will need to scroll down and click the button to "view web version" of the blog.

      Keeping up with putting all of the details on google calendar is not high on my list of priorities. My plan for the guild was to make the calendar much more viewable from the front page of the blog rather than going two clicks into the blog to see the calendar. From the front page, anyone can write it on their own calendar. If I am able to update google calendar, then I will, but things have been far too busy with guild work for google calendar to be on my priority list.

    3. Thanks DC MQG I did not know that I could access that information by scrolling to the bottom of the blog for the "web version" so when I did that it opened up the traditional blog webpage and I see the dates there. Thanks for the tip. It's fine if you can't keep all the calendars up to date but in the past I had to use that google feature to find the details because it wasn't in the header on the blog! Also last year I didn't have a smart phone... so you see I fell through the cracks. Sorry to bother but hopefully some other members were in the dark with me about this. :-) Keep up the good work.