Thursday, July 23, 2015

Saturday Field Trip to Finch Sewing Studio in Leesburg!

Hope you can join us this Saturday, July 25th from 10am to 5pm at Finch Sewing Studio in Leesburg, VA.  Read on below for details about what to bring, where to park, and how you'll be pampered (in addition to your 10% discount)!  Just like the past two summers, Nicole is rolling out the red carpet for the DCMQG.  So come to sew, shop, and hang out with your fellow quilters (and knitters!) at Finch's newly expanded fabric and yarn store.  We'll do a brief guild update and show & tell session after lunch, around 1:30pm.  Email me at with any questions.  See you there!

From Nicole:

We're all really excited that you're coming to Finch this Saturday!  We blocked out the whole shop for the day, so we hope you'll use the space to it's full potential!  We now have the entire building, so we have a lot more space than you've ever had here before.  The building was built in 1790, so with that does come a challenge or two.  The building is a bit compartmentalized, so I do have a couple of ideas that will help us optimize the space and give you ample room to sew.  

If you are bringing a wee one with you, please avoid bringing a stroller into the shop.  You are welcome to park a stroller at the side of the building (it's super safe in the 'burg).  The parking garage is free on Saturday, and it is not far from Finch, so you won't need to walk much at all.  

We have 7 cutting mats and 3 ironing stations.  We also have 8 really lovely and easy-to-use shop BERNINAS.  In the interest of space, I would like to leave those machines where they are.  And I would love even more for you all to USE them!!!  :)  We have 1/4 inch feet attached to them right now, but you are welcome to check out other feet from Charmaine (who will be working that day), if you wish (we have lots of different feet- edge stitchers, walking feet, etc).  One of the machines we have is a 740- it has a great amount of throat space, an extra large table, and an integrated dual feed for quilting.  If someone is quilting a quilt, this would be the optimal machine to use.    

You are welcome to bring your own machines to set up on some of the tables/free space that isn't already occupied by Finch machines.  We have a sewing bar that is great for small stuff like piecing (you've seen this if you've been here before)- that will seat 3 people comfortably.  4 people, if you really like each other.  :)  We also have 2 more rooms upstairs with tables.  There are about 8 spaces for sewing machines upstairs (there are mats up there as well, so about 2 or 3 more people could set up sewing machines if the mats are moved). So we have about 19 sewing spaces available, and we also have a couch and chairs in the lounge for lounging with some handwork!  Ample room!

In terms of parking: we have a parking garage right next to Finch on Loudoun street- just East of us.  As I mentioned above, parking is free on the weekend, but even on a week day, this is the best option.  We validate your parking stub during the week, so most people don't pay for parking.  

Lastly, we will have mimosas and hand made local donuts for you in the morning! Yum!!  
I'll see you soon!  So excited to have you.... as always.

Nicole and the Finch team

Nicole Morgenthau
Owner and Teacher
Finch Sewing Studio

102 Loudoun Street SW
Leesburg, Va. 20175


  1. Oh wow, I wish I could go!!!

  2. I will be bringing my wee one so I would love to get the use of one of your class machines so I don't have lug mine around in addition to the midget. Might even be up for quilting, but we'll see how I feel tomorrow. :)