Thursday, October 1, 2015

Guild Business

Google discussion group
Have you ever wanted to ask your fellow guild members a question about quilting or about a local fabric resource?  Joining the Google discussion group is a great way to do that.  This was started by Becky after the meeting in August and there has already been some lively talk about thread choices and irons.  In the future, this group could be used to gather guild members that live close to you for smaller, more frequent sewing days.  If you'd like to join the google group, just leave a comment here with your email address or send an email to

Guild related questions
This seems like a good time to ask that you send any guild related questions by email to rather than my (Melinda's) personal email account.  We have 75 members right now (yay!) but guild emails in my personal email is getting unmanageable.  Thanks!

Vote for tshirts
Ballots for tshirt votes will be going out to everyone this week!  Thank you for your patience as summer and September have overwhelmed me. 

Charity quilt deadlines
I will be collecting charity quilts at the October meeting and Heather will be collecting them at the November meeting. Keep posting pictures of your progress on charity quilts.  If you are on instagram, don't forget the hashtag: #dcmqgcharity


  1. Please sign me up for the email list! Krmeyer at gmail

  2. please sign me up for discussion group;