Sunday, October 11, 2015

September Meeting Recap!

Lynne here. As usual...this is a little bit late, but there is so much to see, so get comfy!

Our September meeting was at the Falls Church in the Fellowship Hall.  Lots of people were there for a day of sewing charity quilts.  Just after lunch we enjoyed show and tell. We went around the room clockwise, starting with Melinda.  She showed several charity quilts that she had been working on.  The first was a wholecloth quilt with circus animals.  What you cannot tell from this picture is that the quilting has the names of the animals.  How clever!

This next quilt was made of orphan blocks, testament that 
orphan blocks can play well together and find a terrific new home.

Next up was a series of quilts made from donated blocks that members had made 
at the Denyse Schmidt workshop that was held in June.  Here is one...

and another...this is perhaps my favorite as I love the colors!

Carla made this top from an orphan block and more of the Denyse Schmidt workshop blocks. 
Yet another way of combining blocks to make a great quilt.

Cassandra shared this lovely quilt of log cabin blocks.

Frederick showed a quilt top he was working on.

Diana has been busy and shared two charity quilts.  This first one was made 
from one of the charity scrap packs and the second was from her own fabrics.

Dara had one quilt top (from a charity scrap pack) to share ...

as well as this little typewriter block.

Nancy shared this colorful patchwork piece made from a charity scrap pack 
and some solids.  We asked her if there was a smaller pieced block repetition 
in there, but no, each quadrant is its own improv piece.

Our new member, Georgia, shared this top.  My picture does not do it justice, 
as it is based around a fabric that celebrates our national parks.  I hope that 
we will see it again once quilted and then I can get a better shot of it.

Georgia brought this antique quilt find to give to someone in the group.  
I believe Carla snatched that right up.

Angela's kids have been hard at work also, as one of them made this bright quilt.

Angela herself shared a bag that she made ...

and her progress on the holiday piece that will eventually become Christmas stockings.

Mary Jane shared this start of a charity quilt from one of the fabric scrap packs.  This was her "no ruler" approach and the quilt told a story about mountains and sky and cars.

Susan showed these two quilts that she made for the 100 Quilts for Kids effort.  
Both used fabric scrap packs and she did a lovely job.

Robin shared the two quilts that she constructed from the blocks 
that members had made at August's retreat.

Linda shared this intriguing quilt, part improve piecing, plus circle construction.  
She used a charity fabric pack for this one.
The back shows the wonderful quilting.

 Heather, who has done stellar job heading up the 100 Quilts for Kids charity sewing project, 
shared a simple rail fence quilt that was made from blocks at our June meeting.

Nisha was a bit too fast for me, but here is a sneak peek at this mini 
that she was working on with applique and hand quilting.

Anne has been very productive in the charity quilt department.  She took what she learned from a Victoria Findlay Wolf workshop and used scraps to produce some of her own material.  And, being even more green, some of the scraps are castoffs from other people's projects.
A second charity quilt with made fabric.
And one using some other fabric from her stash.

Anjeanette brought a bag that she made and told us about a new product that can be used in bags.

I shared a mini-quilt that I was sending off in a swap that celebrates marriage equality.

And finally, a little plug for the DCMQG bee.  Angela was September's queen bee 
and I was able to hand to her the block that I made for her.

And, speaking of bees...we will probably start up again in January, but now is a good time to assess interest and start to get organized.  Anyone up for round two of DCMQG bee?  Comment here or let me know directly at


  1. Thank you for taking and posting all of these pictures, Lynne.

  2. Great posting - thanks so much!!!

  3. Love seeing the photos! Frederick's quilt is awesome looking!

    Can anyone tell me what's on the agenda for the Nov 7 meeting?

  4. This is so great! I'm so sad I missed this meeting. The quilts are fantastic!