Friday, December 11, 2015

November meeting recap

Only one month later,  not too bad!  On November 7 we had our meeting at the Westover Public Library.  There was lots of sewing, and talking and some eating, but the central piece of the day was show and tell and engaging with our special visitor, Francel Bellinger.  She told us the story of how she became involved with the DC General Homeless Shelter and told us about the great need there.  It turns out that there are about 1200 kids at the shelter at any given time and 600 baby and toddler quilts.  The need is great and our help with the quilt drive is appreciated.

Here is Francel with a few of the 34 quilts that were collected today  there were 17 collected earlier this fall. That means we made and donated 51 quilts!!! Woo hoo!  What a great and giving guild!

Heather, who headed up 100 Quilts for Kids this year, showed us some of the quilts made by Ashley since she couldn't make the meeting.

Jane was binding the quilt that she made with some help from other members.

Aubrie showed us four quilts.  I believe some are gifts, some are for donation
and some were made by her mom. 

Georgia's quilt.

Lisa's quilt made from a charity fabric pack.

And another quilt by Lisa.

Frederick shared two quilts.

This beautiful meadow quilt was made by Natalie!

 Carissa shared two items, a sweatshirt that she made and a patchwork pillow top.

Pam showed us this dress that she was working on with Alabama Chanin-style construction. 

Fran showed us her long-term hand pieced tumbling blocks project.

That was a pretty full show and tell!  We look forward to seeing 
what YOU bring to show us at the next meeting!