Thursday, March 3, 2016

Introducing: The DCMQG Color Challenge

New for March!  

The DCMQG Color Challenge.  :-)

We're going to pilot a new monthly challenge for our members to participate in if they wish.  Each month, we'll announce an inspirational color on the blog and Instagram.  Dig around in your stash and find a fabric (solid or print) in that color to incorporate in a project.  Feel free to add up to two additional colors (such as a neutral or other accent color) and let your creativity soar!  

Make a block or a small project (pincushion, pillow, pouch, etc.) or, if you're really loving it, design a whole quilt around that color.  Dream big or dream small; but whatever you create, share it on social media or at a meeting show & tell so that the rest of us can be inspired!  Use the hashtag #dcmqgcolorchallenge on Instagram.  If you make just a block, you can always donate it to a charity quilt (especially since the March meeting is our first charity sewing day of the year) if you're interested in the challenge but not wanting to start another whole quilt. 

Kona Ultramarine from the Swatch and Stitch blog
For March, we'll start with a deep, greenish-blue color, similar to Kona Ultramarine.  We want this to be a fun, flexible challenge for you all to join in on and we look forward to seeing what people come up with!

I couldn't get the color to capture just right
on my phone camera but you get the picture! ;-)

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