Monday, August 29, 2016

Bee doings!

Have you ever been in a bee?  Many quilters like the camaraderie as well as the push to go out of their comfort zone, trying something new... a new technique...or a new palette.  Some go on for years and some are short term.  So far the DCMQG bees have been for four to six months, keeping them on the short side.  The 2016 bees started in February with three hives of four or five members each.  Here is a collection of pictures that were posted on Instagram.  As you can see, there was a wide variety of awesome blocks!  A big thank you to the participants for the use of their pictures.

Sometimes the queen bee asks for certain colors and sends out a tutorial for the blocks to be made.  Mary Jane asked for these colorful blocks such as the ones that Jessie made for her.

The queen bee may send out fabric so that there is a unifying background fabric.  Megan sent us the black fabric and these are the blocks that Jessie and I made for Megan.

Jessie also sent out fabric, but it was a focus fabric that she asked us to use in an improv log cabin.  The focus fabric is the rose fabric that I used for the chimney of the log cabin.

Meli also asked for log cabins.  Here is her sample along with the blocks that Robin made for her.

Melinda also sent out fabrics so that these lovely granny blocks would have a unified look.

Both Ashley and I asked for Wonky Stars.  Alyson made these blocks for Ashley.

I asked for Wonky stars for 2 rounds of the bee and just finished assembling them into a quilt top.

Georgia asked for Snail's Trail blocks.  These are the ones that Melinda made for her.

There were two kinds of bird blocks being done.  Here is the fabulous flock that Hive 3 made for Carolyn.

 Robin asked for a different kind of birds...circles of geese.  Here is her completed quilt.

Diana has also already has put together all of her blocks.  She asked for improv blocks.

Rounding out the group, Wendy asked for low volume with red plus blocks.

Just two blocks a month.  So, the next time that we start up, are you game?


  1. Some of those blocks make me nervous, but I'd like to give it a try!

    1. People are always willing to help...that is one thing that is so wonderful about our guild, how much we share and support each other.

  2. I may want to participate in the next round. I have no idea what block I would want to ask for, for myself. Any helpful resources for this?

    1. Linda, Although many/most quilters have migrated to IG, flickr is still around and this group of Quilting Bee Blocks has over 30,000 photos, so it is a great archive for ideas.

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  4. The do.Good.Stitches group is also a good collection of blocks to look at as all of those were made by a group of people making and sending blocks to someone who puts them together.