Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Call for Submissions -- Extended!

It was great seeing everyone who made it out to the December meeting last Saturday in Arlington!  And thank you to everyone who submitted quilts for our CostumeLab exhibit in 2017!  They are all awesome; however, in order to fill the walls with lovely quilts at our show, we need more submissions!  To that end, we have decided to open up submissions for another week.  We will close the form on Tuesday, December13th.  We have also increased the maximum size to 70" on either side.  We hope that, with these new guidelines, more members are able to submit their quilts for our show.

Check your emails from last night (12/6) for the link to the submission form, and see this original post about the general show description and submission requirements.  Please remember that once you fill out the form the confirmation page will have a link to where to send your pictures.  You will need an overall shot, a detailed shot, and a picture of the quilt label & sleeve (this can be in one or two pictures).

Happy Holidays everyone!
The DCMQG Board 

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  1. Filled in the first form this morning and the "link" to submit my images did not work. So I guess that means I am OUT unless some one wants to tell me where I can submit the images?