Monday, March 13, 2017

Spring Challenge and Show

Spring Challenge!

Spring has finally arrived and the cherry trees are in bloom so we invite you to celebrate by making a project inspired by the Pantone Color of the Year - Greenery. In the words of Pantone Color Institute Executive Director, "satisfying our growing desire to rejuvenate and revitalize, Greenery symbolizes the reconnection we seek with nature, one another and a larger purpose."

PANTONE COLOR OF THE YEAR 2017 - Greenery 15-0343

Feel free to make anything you'd like inspired by Greenery and don't fret about which green you think represents it best.  We're going to be doing quarterly challenges this year so you'll have until June to work on this project. If we get a good response from this challenge, there is a possibility that quilts created will be eligible for inclusion in future quilt shows. 

Quilt Show!

Speaking of quilt shows, we had a great response from the Modern Makers, Modern Quilt Show and need to start thinking of ways to put cohesive themes together for future shows. The Greenery challenge and future challenges are ways to help develop our skills as individual quilters while working on a larger body of work as a guild. As always, it is up to the quilter to submit something for a show but we hope that challenges will help get everyone's creative juices flowing.

Here are a few images from the show and our DCMQG reception on March 1st. 

The most rewarding comments were from people that work in the building - they loved to see our work brighten up their space. Conversations about a future show are already in the works so stay tuned for more opportunities to share and maybe even sell your work!


  1. Is there a size min/max for the greenery challenge?

  2. We haven't limited this challenge to a specific size, but the dimensions for quilts in the recent show were 15"x15" min and 50"x50" max. No future shows have been finalized so its hard to say if and what any limitations will be since it will depend on the space available.