Thursday, February 8, 2018

A Space Of Her Own - a group Charity Quilt Project

I'm writing to enlist your help for our charity sewing effort in partnership with a Space of Her Own to make a total of 13 approximately twin-sized quilts for the girls in the program by the beginning of June.

A Space of Her Own is an organization that mentors 5th grade girls at risk of entering the juvenile court system. The girls are chosen for the program based on adverse factors that contribute to the risk of entering the justice system. Many of the girls are from immigrant families, low socio-economic status, and/or living with relatives other than their parents. The purpose of the program is to teach life skills to the girls, provide the girls with mentors, and also to learn STEAM projects. Those who complete the program have an opportunity to create or update a space of her own. The program runs the length of the school year.

We are aiming for all of these quilts to be at least 60" x 70", though we have three quilts already completed that are just slightly smaller but too perfect not to use (quilts by Laurie, Gretchen, and Diana). We also have a beautiful queen-sized quilt by Amy S. that may work for one of the girls. Our goal is to have the quilt tops completed by our March 17th meeting so that we can get them to other volunteers who are willing to quilt them, and to have time to bind them by yet more volunteers. There are so many opportunities here to get involved!

So far, Amy C. has volunteered to piece 3-4 quilts (1 of which she will also quilt), Lynne has volunteered to coordinate/make a quilt top, Robin has volunteered to make a quilt, Jennifer has volunteered to long-arm 2-4 of the quilts, Cindy has volunteered to quilt 1-2 quilts and will bind and donate the one pictured below, and Anjeanette has volunteered to long-arm meander 1 of the quilts. We may need a few more quilting volunteers. Amy and I are also volunteering to pick up the slack and do whatever needs to be done to get this finished, even if that means lots of hand-sewing bindings (or maybe someone with a fancy Bernina can bind them the way Denise demonstrated at the fall retreat - hint hint!)! Ideally, we would have at least 3 more people volunteer to coordinate/piece a top. The coordinator can ask for blocks from the guild. We would also love it if anyone had appropriate fabrics to donate for the backs of the quilts, though we may have some good choices in our charity box or we'll purchase some solids.

Here are the requests that the girls have made, along with some pictures and notes about potential matches for the quilts:

1. C.R.: Her favorite spark is swimming and her favorite color blue - specifically aqua. She also loves galaxy colors (royal purple, aqua, black and white). She doesn’t watch space or Sci-fi movies; she just admires space and colors of the galaxies. Hearts would be a great quilting motif for her, if it fits in.
  • We need a coordinator, quilter and binder for this quilt.

2. S.N.: Her favorite color is blue and she loves dogs.
  • We need a coordinator for this quilt.
  • We do have a bunch of blue and white HSTs and yardage, so there is a lot of fabric available.
  • Does anyone have a blue dog print for the back? We are soliciting donations of a print from the Blue Carolina line.

3. J.B.: She likes pink, black, and white. She is fascinated with Paris and most of her projects have this theme.
  • If you have other black and white or pink fabrics, and especially Paris fabrics in those colors (ish) that you could donate, please send an email to Elle
  • Tanya found a great Rifle Paper Co. print to contribute. We need a quilter for this quilt.

4. G.H.: She loves purple and sky blue and definitely something a little trendy.
  • Lynne will piece a purple plus quilt and bind it
  • We need a quilter for this one.

5. Y.G.: talks about wanting to do her room in “beach theme” with blues, purples, aquas... colors similar to that.
  • Amy C. was thinking that this one would be good for the beachy theme because it is Island Batiks, but if someone else would like to coordinate this one in colors that are more what Y.G. requested, it is up for grabs!
  • It will also need quilting.

6. S.M.: She is not super girly - so no bright pink but other than that I think any colors would be fine. She’s pretty trendy and very assertive!
  • This top by Amy C. is ready to go.
  • We need a quilter for it

7. Y.C.M.: She loves the color blue and enjoys cooking. Other colors are pink, lighter purples and some seafoam colors. I think items with music themes would be nice but other themes of hearts, butterflies, etc would be good as well.
  • Amy C. is going to piece this top, since she is her mentee, but would appreciate help with quilting!

8. G.Z.M.: LOVES mint green with white/silver, seems to be into other Pastel type colors (like blue, purple, turquoise). She loves being creative-art, dance, painting and loves basketball. She chose a geometric pattern for her clay project last week. Also really likes flower pictures. Overall, she isn’t too flashy with what she likes, maybe more like classically pretty things (eg: she talked about liking her fake marble looking phone case rather than a super glittery covered one 😂) and is super positive. I am sure anything handmade with such thoughtfulness she will love!
  • We have this amazing queen-sized quilt made by Amy S., and I thought it might work, but if someone wanted to coordinate one that is an even better fit, that would be awesome!
  • Cindy also has this beautiful quilt that she is donating that might also be a good fit.

9. H.B.Z.: She is very sporty, so I think a quilt that maybe centers around soccer would be cool! She likes blue and purple.
  • Robin will make this quilt - thanks, Robin!

10. I.B.: My mentee loves pink, I know that. She also loves soccer and plays the violin. But I do think she likes "girly" things.
  • I think Laurie's pink quilt would be perfect for her, and it is complete! Thanks, Laurie, for donating this hand-quilted beauty!

11. D.R.L.: She loves pinks and purples. She is quiet and innocent.
  • I think this one by Amy C. will be great, and she is already partially done with the quilting!

12. A.R.: She is into anime and Pokemon. She is quiet but does like to draw and talk with friends. She appears quite reserved. I would like to give her a quilt that speaks of hope and sunshine, and caring. I hope that just by receiving a gift from the guild she would feel the caring of the person who made the quilt. Now then what kind of pattern and colors this could be turned into is a much harder question.
  • I was thinking that this gorgeous quilt by Gretchen would work for A.R., but again, if someone else wants to coordinate this one instead if all the other coordinator spots fill up, I'm game!

13. H.A. We don't have a description yet for what H.A. is looking for.
  • This awesome rainbow quilt by Diana will work for her, as it is complete!

Thank you to those of you who have made it this far. We'll keep this blog post updated with progress as we get news.

If you have questions or would like to donate time, money or fabric to this project, please send an email to Elle at!

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