Friday, March 16, 2018

Screenprinting Workshop with the Arlington CostumeLab

On a raining February afternoon a group of members gathered together for a Screenprinting workshop with master screenprinting artist Jun Lee.

Jun discussed how screens are created and the products that are available for screenprinting at home. She went over a simple screen printing set up as well - describing how easy they are to build at home with supplies from your local hardware store! She then led us through making our own 2-layer prints.  We spent a fun afternoon flooding screens, pulling ink and making a mess.

Jun describes the screen burning process and how to create a print.

Phyliss pulls the ink with Natalie's help while Robin and Sabrina look on.

Linda and Silvia flood a screen.

Showing off our masterpieces!
Back row, L to R: Linda, Phyliss, Carissa, Robin, Kristin, Beth, Eunice. Front Row, L to R: Silvia, Sabrina, Alyson, Natalie, Megan, Jun.

Thanks for putting together a fun and informative afternoon, Arlington CostumeLab and Jun Lee!

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