Ten - what does that mean to you?  Ten items?  Ten colors?  Now think of ten years.  Do you think of the past, of now, of the changes, of each year by itself?  This year marks ten years of DCMQG.  In 2010 Natalie Hardin gathered a group of people that liked modern quilting. They met at Ebenezer's Coffee Shop, near Union Station and the seeds of DCMQG were planted.  Over the past ten years we have grown from a handful of people to over one hundred members, and soon became officially part of the Modern Quilt Guild.  Many friendships have been forged and we have supported each other in our individual paths of life and growth.

To celebrate our ten year anniversary, we have a show.  Members were asked to create a mini-quilt around the theme of ten.  The theme was interpreted in so many ways and the range exemplifies the range of our members.  Please hop on over to dcmqg10.com and enjoy the show!