DCMQG Charity Quilt Update - December 9, 2021

Post by Elle Irby


2021 was another banner year for DCMQG charity quilts!

DCMQG members, plus DCMQG friends and our pals at the Baltimore Modern Quilt Guild, donated a grand total of 378 quilts!  The Greater DC Diaper Bank received a whopping 171 quilts from DCMQG this year!  Comfort Cases received 180 quilts (more than 50 were from BMQG members!).  Nineteen quilts were donated to Lutheran Social Services for Afghan refugees, and 8 quilts were donated to the Children’s Law Center.

So many people made this incredible effort possible.  First, huge thanks to Cassandra for dreaming up the DCMQG monthly challenge, where we had the opportunity to learn new skills and make beautiful quilts, and to Lynne for following up with volunteers and posting tutorials to the blog. Excellent tutorials were provided each month by Cassandra, Elle, Alyson, Lorraine, Stephanie A., Meg, Anjeanette, Anne B., Laurie, Lynne, and Angela

Huge thanks to Lynne, Lisa, Meg, Bia, Diana, and Elle for  being the main quilt donation transporters.  Also, we cannot fail to recognize our mega quilt donor, Gretchen Y, for completing her goal with a record-breaking 52 quilts for charity this year!   Congratulations!  We had such amazing participation from our members this year, including a number of quilt collaborations, and we are so grateful for your excitement about and commitment to providing quilts to children and families in need.  We also need to thank Maywood Studios, Rock Paper Scissors, and Anjeanette Klinder for their large fabric donations during the pandemic, along with all our members who donated fabric, helped create beautiful bundles, donated batting, and most of all gave their time, talent, and materials from their own stash to create absolutely wonderful quilts! 378 quilts is definitely a record that will be hard to top - you rock!

Above: a box filled with quilts ready to be delivered by Lisa to the Greater DC Diaper Bank. Photo by Diana.