Social Justice Committee

On this page we'll provide updates from our Social Justice Committee, which was formed in 2020 as part of our bylaws revision. A key aspect of the revision was an inclusion statement, and the SJC is going to help the guild put its words into actions by spearheading projects that foster a more inclusive, equitable, tolerant community around us. 

Wrapped in Love for Justice

A Project of the DC Modern Quilt Guild


Wrapped in Love for Justice is a project of the DC Modern Quilt Guild (DCMQG) to recognize social justice movement leaders and organizers in our community by wrapping them in the love, appreciation, and healing power of quilts. The DCMQG Social Justice Committee will provide the overall leadership for this project.


Why quilts?

While utilitarian in origin for warmth and comfort, quilts have evolved to celebrate important life or historical events, provide comfort to those experiencing difficult times or loss, and express emotions (such as grief, joy, love, or loss). In more recent times, quilts are made to commemorate a person or life, recognize a specific cause (e.g., AIDs, cancer awareness), or tell stories of courage, strength, and/or accomplishment. Yet even in modern times, quilts retain their healing power and comfort for the soul.


Who are the recipients?

This project seeks to recognize the contributions of leaders and organizers who engage their communities in the work of social justice -- especially the invisible labor of women and people of color who are the lifeblood of movements. The Social Justice Committee will prioritize recipients from the DC area and will aim to make quilts for recipients reflecting this region’s great diversity of movements and communities.   


How will the recipients be chosen?

DCMQG members are encouraged to follow their hearts and inspiration to identify community members who embody our values of inclusion and social justice, and to identify potential recipients. The Social Justice Committee will select some recipients and spearhead the making of their quilts, but any member may choose to make a quilt for someone who embodies the spirit of the project.


What should the quilts look like?

Each group quilt organized by the Social Justice Committee will have a lead designer who will choose the block, style, and/or pattern of the quilt. Designers will keep participation and skill level in mind when choosing a design, to encourage participation from the DCMQG membership. We are aiming to make lap-sized quilts, roughly 50” x 60”.


How can I contribute?

We are in need of block makers, quilters, and binders. Additionally, you can join the Committee and take the lead on designing a group quilt. For more ways to participate, contact Cassandra (mckee.cassandra AT gmail DOT com) or Dara (daratokarz AT gmail DOT com). We will send you a Google form where you can tell us how you would like to contribute to the project.



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