Saturday, April 21, 2012

Favorite Flickr Friday (on Saturday)

Hi guys, I hope you haven't been too sad about this post being late...this week went a little bit wacky on me and I've neglected my flickr stalking.  So, without further ado, this week's Favorite Flickr Friday:

This week's picture is from Linda who I think is blog-less thus far.  I adore this pouch.  Like, so much that if I saw it laying on a table unattended, I might put it in my bag and walk away.  Sort of like I steal pens at work.  But only the good gel-roller ones.  It is total perfect--the door, those little flowers, that roof....ooooooh, it's wonderful.

Keep on posting those photos in the Flickr pool!  I love seeing what you are up to; it keeps me motivated and excited to see you all in person!  Don't forget about the meeting next weekend.  It'll be the best ever.  I swear.

This awesome post has been brought to you by Dana.

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  1. I made this little pouch and I do have a blog which I would love for you all to visit and give me some feedback! The link to the post about the pouch is:
    Thanks Dana for featuring it this week!