Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Call for Submissions -- Extended!

It was great seeing everyone who made it out to the December meeting last Saturday in Arlington!  And thank you to everyone who submitted quilts for our CostumeLab exhibit in 2017!  They are all awesome; however, in order to fill the walls with lovely quilts at our show, we need more submissions!  To that end, we have decided to open up submissions for another week.  We will close the form on Tuesday, December13th.  We have also increased the maximum size to 70" on either side.  We hope that, with these new guidelines, more members are able to submit their quilts for our show.

Check your emails from last night (12/6) for the link to the submission form, and see this original post about the general show description and submission requirements.  Please remember that once you fill out the form the confirmation page will have a link to where to send your pictures.  You will need an overall shot, a detailed shot, and a picture of the quilt label & sleeve (this can be in one or two pictures).

Happy Holidays everyone!
The DCMQG Board 

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

December Meeting, this weekend--12/3!

We're looking forward to seeing everyone this weekend for our last meeting of 2016!

Following are some details for the meeting since it's a new venue for DCMQG:

Saturday, December 3, 9 am – 3 pm
Lyon Village Community House
1920 North Highland Street
Arlington, VA 22201

Robin found this great new space for us to use (Thanks, Robin!) and has provided the following info to help set up for Saturday:

This is a big community hall with lots of space and a full kitchen. The location has easy access from GW Parkway, Route 29 and Route 66.
(Important to note:  there is also a Lyon Park Community Center --- this is NOT where we will be! Make sure your GPS is headed to the right location!)

Parking:  There is a small lot and also abundant on-street parking within two blocks.  There is a circular drive in front and a side door so you can drop off your gear and then park. And while we're on the topic of sewing gear: Remember to bring your Extension Cords (in addition to all your usual stuff)!!

Food:  Bring food for a potluck or venture to area venues which include: The Italian Store (not the Westover one, this is the original store), BGR Burger Joint, Sweet Green, and several other places within a mile.  

Timeline:  We start at 9am (earlier than usual since we end around 3pm, also earlier than usual). Around 11am there will be the holiday swap.  We are asking for those who want to participate to bring something homemade, or something quilty/handmade related (valued at about $10).  Maybe some fat quarters of fabric, notions, or a fun quilty calendar.  It can be funny or serious, holiday related or not.  We want this to be fun and we will be playing the yankee swap game rules where people can steal the gifts they choose.  

After the swap, we'll do a brief business meeting and show & tell session before we break for lunch.

Charity Quilts--Last call for 100 Quilts for Kids.  Please bring your quilts for Alyson.
DCMQG logo T-Shirts--Pick up available for those who ordered.
NJ Pouch Swap--Pouches available from your NJ partner.
Swag--DCMQG totebags in purple or black available for purchase ($20).

BONUS:  The Board has a small gift for all members that comes with an optional challenge!! Come on down and get your quilty bonus! ;-)

We hope you can make it out to the Lyon Village Community House this weekend! Let us know if you have any questions!

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Fall Charity Sewing Meeting: This Saturday, October 1st

Hey there, DCMQG quilters:

This Saturday will be our big Charity Sewing meeting (only held on Oct. 1 because we couldn't get the venue for a September date)!  We hope a lot of you can come out and sew!

The details: We'll be meeting at The Falls Church Episcopal in Falls Church from 10am to 5pm this Saturday, October 1, 2016.  The address is 196 East Fairfax St., Falls Church, VA.  We have full use of the Fellowship Hall room for our sewing pleasure!  Please use the same parking as always (located off of E. Fairfax St. and Douglass Ave. and labeled "Church Parking"; described here in this post for any of you who haven't been to the FCE Church before ) and then head for the big, arched-white-windowed atrium looking room that is almost directly across from the parking lot.  This is the Fellowship Hall (pictured below)!

What to bring:  If you're planning to use a machine, please bring as many extension cords (the longer the better!) and power strips as you have so that we can distribute machine power around the room.  Also, bring all your usual quilting equipment: irons, ironing boards, rotary cutters, and cutting mats -- At least as much as you need for your own sewing and if you have extras to share, all the better.  Of course, any hand-work projects (binding, handsewing, etc.) are always welcome too!  Any snacks, food, or drink that you want to bring along for the day is always welcome and, for lunch, there are several great options within walking distance from the church to recharge yourself for the day of sewing!  We'll have a brief business meeting after lunch (around 1:30pm).

Also at Saturday's meeting, we'll hear from Jennifer Biehl from the Arlington County CostumeLab about the upcoming Quilt Show in early 2017.  She'll be on hand to chat with us about that and we hope people have started pondering some submissions!

Alyson, our fearless 100 Quilts for Kids coordinator, has info and supplies for anyone looking for a charity project to start or finish so see her at the meeting if you are interested.  This meeting is open to the public so bring others who are interested in sewing for charity or, even if you aren't a member, come contribute to some quilts!

We hope to see you on Saturday!

Monday, August 29, 2016

Bee doings!

Have you ever been in a bee?  Many quilters like the camaraderie as well as the push to go out of their comfort zone, trying something new... a new technique...or a new palette.  Some go on for years and some are short term.  So far the DCMQG bees have been for four to six months, keeping them on the short side.  The 2016 bees started in February with three hives of four or five members each.  Here is a collection of pictures that were posted on Instagram.  As you can see, there was a wide variety of awesome blocks!  A big thank you to the participants for the use of their pictures.

Sometimes the queen bee asks for certain colors and sends out a tutorial for the blocks to be made.  Mary Jane asked for these colorful blocks such as the ones that Jessie made for her.

The queen bee may send out fabric so that there is a unifying background fabric.  Megan sent us the black fabric and these are the blocks that Jessie and I made for Megan.

Jessie also sent out fabric, but it was a focus fabric that she asked us to use in an improv log cabin.  The focus fabric is the rose fabric that I used for the chimney of the log cabin.

Meli also asked for log cabins.  Here is her sample along with the blocks that Robin made for her.

Melinda also sent out fabrics so that these lovely granny blocks would have a unified look.

Both Ashley and I asked for Wonky Stars.  Alyson made these blocks for Ashley.

I asked for Wonky stars for 2 rounds of the bee and just finished assembling them into a quilt top.

Georgia asked for Snail's Trail blocks.  These are the ones that Melinda made for her.

There were two kinds of bird blocks being done.  Here is the fabulous flock that Hive 3 made for Carolyn.

 Robin asked for a different kind of birds...circles of geese.  Here is her completed quilt.

Diana has also already has put together all of her blocks.  She asked for improv blocks.

Rounding out the group, Wendy asked for low volume with red plus blocks.

Just two blocks a month.  So, the next time that we start up, are you game?

Call for Submissions!

A Quilt Show with the Arlington Arts CostumeLab and the DC Modern Quilt Guild

Calling all DCMQG quilters:  We have been invited to celebrate National Quilt Month, March 2017, with Arlington County at the Studio 2700 Community Gallery in partnership with the Arlington CostumeLab, Arlington Cultural Affairs/Arlington Economic Development.  The quilts will hang on display for approximately two months, February and March 2017.  The address is 3700 South Four Mile Run, Arlington, VA.  The exhibition space consists of two large walls:  25 ft x 10 ft with wonderful skylights allowing lots of natural light.  Because the space is so defined and relatively small we are not sure exactly how many quilts will fit on the walls.  We believe that a good mix of smaller as well as mid-sized quilts will work best (large bed quilts will take up too much room).  Due to the space parameters, please read carefully following rules for entries:

1.  Maximum of two entries per member with the understanding that it is likely only one will be selected for the show.  Your chances of getting a quilt in the show are higher if your quilt is smaller.  

2.  Maximum width:    50 inches

3.  Maximum length:  50 inches

4.  Minimum width:    15 inches

5.  Minimum length:   15 inches

6.  The submission form link, requiring a photograph (per submission), will be made available to DCMQG members by October 15, 2016.

7.  Deadline for submissions is December 1, 2016.  Quilts for the show will be reviewed by a panel of three impartial judges during the month of December and accepted quilts will be notified in early January.

8.  There will be limited insurance coverage provided for the quilts that are selected for the show.  More information about insurance will be available in the coming months.

9. Criteria for submission:  The theme of the exhibit is to showcase modern quilting.  The selection panel will consist of three impartial judges following guidelines from The Modern Quilt Guild and categories for inclusion at QuiltCon.

Here is The Modern Quilt Guild’s description of modern quilting:  Modern quilts are primarily functional and inspired by modern design.  Modern quilters work in different styles and define modern quilting in different ways, but several characteristics often appear which may help identify a modern quilt.  These include, but are not limited to:  the use of bold colors and prints, high contrast and graphic area of solid color, improvisational piecing, minimalism, expansive negative space, and alternate grid work.  “Modern traditionalism,” or the updating of classic quilt designs, is also often seen in modern quilting.  The QuiltCon submission categories are as follows: 1) Appliqué, 2) Handwork, 3) Improvisation, 4) Minimalist Design, 5) Use of Negative Space, 6) Piecing, 7) Modern Traditionalism.   Please decide which category your quilt(s) will fall into.  We’ll be looking for a bit of each category to be represented in the overall exhibit.  Should your quilt be selected for the exhibit, you’ll need to decide if your quilt will be for sale or not.

Go forth and quilt!  We look forward to seeing what you submit!     --The DCMQG 2016 Board