Friday, November 23, 2012

Friday Flickr Favorite

You guys must be busy cooking and shopping instead of sewing--there have been ZERO additions to our photo pool this week!  Luckily the stuff that is already there is mighty nice to look at!

This week we are going to admire Leah's Plus Quilt.  Personally, I adore this style of quilt--it somehow makes fabrics that I wouldn't ordinarily pair play perfectly together:

plus quilt

Leah blogs about this quilt here, and check out the little bit of hand embroidery.  Such a great detail.

So Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Black Friday to you all!  Now go get shopping!


  1. So pretty! I really want to make a plus quilt one day.

  2. It's gorgeous. I'm still not sold on the pattern, but this one looks great.