Thursday, December 13, 2012

Let’s make a sewing organizer together- Next meeting on Jan. 19, 2013!

I know many of us were envious of Linda's awesome sewing caddy at the past few meetings.  Then she brought her friend Anne and Anne had one too... the jealousy was too much for some of us and we knew we had to make them for ourselves!

Lucky for us, Linda has offered to lead the group in making our own caddies at the January 19 sewing day!  (10:30-4:30, at the Westover Library in Arlington, VA)  And, I believe Anne will be coming too for added assistance.

And of course, this is an optional activity!  If you don't want to make an organizer, please come spend the day sewing with us anyway. Variety is the spice of life  :)

Here are the details straight from Linda:

The “cube” caddy is great for keeping all those items you use all the time for sewing at your fingertips – scissors, rotary cutters, marking pencils, tape measure, etc. It is so simple to pick it up and take it along if you’re going somewhere else to sew – like a DCMQG meeting!  There are pockets on all 4 sides of the inside and 2 zippered pockets on the outside.

The pattern we will be using is Atkinson Designs Pockets to Go.  Everyone will have to buy their own copy of the pattern, but Jessie will be ordering patterns from her local quilt shop, so you don't have to search for it on your own and pay shipping.  The cost will be $8.11. 

The list of materials is listed in the picture below.  (Please make note that you will need to bring a zipper foot.) You should pick out 2 fabrics – one main color and a contrasting fabric. You will also need 2 zippers to match these.

 Linda has volunteered to bring the Pel Tex for everyone.  This is a very stiff “interfacing” which gives the organizer its body. She also has an obscene number of black zippers and will bring those for anyone who can use black, and black “webbing” for the handles if that is what you would like. (No cost for these items)  See picture of her organizer above.

 This project does have a lot of steps and will take us most of the meeting time to complete.  If you are interested in making one, (and finishing it that day) you will want to arrive at the beginning of the meeting at 10:30 AM at the Westover Library in Arlington, VA and have cut out your pieces ahead of time.

If you would like us to order a pattern for you,  send an email to by December 21st so Jessie can get the order placed.  Jessie will reply letting you know how to pay; there are two options: paypal or mail a check.  After you have paid for the pattern, we'll email cutting directions so you can get started before the sewing day, if you like.  

I (Jessie) think it's going to be really fun to work on these together!   (And a lot easier than going it alone.)

Thanks to Linda and Anne for offering do do this for the group!


  1. I cannot possibly come to your meeting (I live in Southern California) but I have that pattern! And Peltex (thank you Weekender). Please blog notes about design/construction/fabric choices/etc. Looking forward to seeing what everyone makes.

  2. I would love to do this - I haven't been able to come to a meeting in a while, and I think it would be a lot of fun to make these together. I have to check my calendar but if I can make it I'll get in touch about ordering the pattern.