Friday, May 10, 2013

May 17th Art Museum Meetup

Hi Modern Quilters!
Some of our members have been discussing having a small challenge where we choose a piece of modern art and then make a quilt based on the art- no deadlines at this point, no pressure, just an idea to get our creativity flowing.  Frederick has organized a Museum Meetup at the National Gallery of Art for anyone who would like to come and view the collections together- whether or not you are interested in joining the challenge! 

 Here's what Frederick had to say:

Friday May 17th, we'll meet at the ground floor information desk of the East Wing National Gallery of Art for the 11:30 tour of the 1900 to present collection. This is going to be fun. The docent walks you through stopping at important paintings giving an overview of the various movements in the modern art history of the last 100 years. We can then go back and look at things we wanted to see better or make notes on.
I took my own tour of the most recent work that is housed on the lower level a few weeks back and really got some perspective on how it can be seen to influence or reflect quilts. I would like to have lunch afterwards with anyone who is interested. There is so much to see at NGA it's nice to have a break and I think we would benefit having a post tour discussion of our impressions.
If you get there late ask where the tour goes and see if you can catch up to us on the tour. It lasts about an hour I think moving through galleries on the top floor and then down to the lower level of the East wing.

We're hoping that some of you who work in the city might be able to join us on a long lunch, and those who are home with children are welcome to bring them along!
 If you think you might come, let us know by commenting on this post, sending an email to dcmodquilts at gmail dot com, or joining in the discussion on Flickr.  
Hope to see you there!  



  1. I'm in! Will meet you next Friday at NGA.

    1. Thanks Anne, I will be watching for you and another others who might make it down.

  2. Make that Any others who might make it to the NGA east wing tour.

  3. I wish I could go - I've already got a work lunch presentation that day. Wish they'd hurry up and perfect cloning so I could be in 2 places at once! Have fun!