Volunteers Needed for September Charity Sewing Event

[Ikebana photo from the Dear Stella Blog]

Hi Friends! It's Katie. Over the last few years, we have dedicated our September DC Modern Quilt Guild Meeting to charity sewing. We will meet on Saturday, September 28, from 10am-4pm, and this year, we are lucky that Dear Stella has donated 4 fat quarter packs to our guild--two each of Ikebana and All Hands on Deck!

As a guild, we hope to make 4 throw quilts-- something larger than a traditional baby quilt but smaller than a twin quilt. In my  mind, I pictured a quilt that is about 45 x 60.

[All Hands on Deck photo from the Dear Stella Blog]

We are looking for volunteers to be in charge of the quilts and make blocks
  • 4 volunteers to be the "quilter" in charge of each of the 4 quilts. Dear Stella will ship the fabric to your house! You get to pick the block, divvy up fabric into block sets (most likely adding a neutral solid you provide), and bring the fabric packs to the August meeting to pass out to willing sewists. Participants will bring the completed blocks to the September meeting, where you will have help putting the top together and possibly basting it! You will be responsible for finishing the quilt.
  •  Lots of quilters to sew up the blocks for the 4 quilts. If you are unable to attend the August meeting, hopefully the fabric can be mailed to you, or you can pick up the fabric at the September meeting and make the block at the beginning of the meeting. 
Greek Cross Blocks

If you are interested in making blocks out of scraps for a 5th quilt, I was planning to put together a Greek Cross quilt in bright, summery colors with assorted neutral and low volume backgrounds. I'm thinking of something like this palette-- bring your blocks to the September meeting or contact me for my address--you can mail them if you won't be able to be there. 

[credit: Design Seeds]
Please come to the September meeting!  

The hope is that at the September meeting, we can work together to finish up quilts, sash them (if needed) and sew together the blocks. Basting the quilts would be a bonus!!  You are more than welcome to bring your own charity quilt or pillowcases to sew to the September meeting.  Please invite your friends, in the guild and those who are not members.

We are looking for people to donate: 
  • batting for one of the 4 quilts--sewn together smaller pieces also works!
  • quilt backings -- Dear Stella will send some if they have anything at the office that coordinates, but they weren't sure.

If you would like to be one of the 4 quilters, please send me an email with your address at swimbikequilt at gmail dot com.

If you would like to make a block, or can donate supplies (or money towards supplies), please comment here!

Thanks, everyone-- Katie


p.s. This effort is happening during my annual charity quilt drive 100 Quilts for Kids. I just announced some fun prizes, so check out the post if you are interested.